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— by જ⁀➴ tobias/frankie -`♡´-33 Comments

blue cybercore layout

comment if ur gonna use!! includes a custom cursor

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— by જ⁀➴ tobias/frankie -`♡´-14 Comments

blue webcore (?)/old-internet inspired layout

idk what the fuck this is lmao, i just missed coding creds r not needed idc, mess around however u want

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— by 310satori10 Comments

Windows Themed Layout

Windows Themed layout with gray gradient boxes, a stars overlay (over entire profile, can be changed), custom online icon, custom font, and code that I tried to organize as best as possible. The Profile Link is hidden in this layout but code can be removed. Just comment if using! !UPDATE Added song code

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— by Aspen B]15 Comments

blue webcore/cybercore layout

blue webcore themed layout // Be aware the "show all" part for friends is gone

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— by 24 Comments

digital witch mayura layout ☆

^__^ i hope u guys like thissss !!!! banner/top backround image: online image: mayura in da corner !!!!!:

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— by swords layout tester13 Comments

purple web

contains: custom cursor, custom spacehey logo, custom online image, custom contact icons

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— by ☆らうら☆60 Comments

PINK WEB 2.0 !!

an upgrade of my previous pink web layout, inspired by and using graphics from Needy Streamer Overload!

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— by vsDave.exe

opera neon theme

become a walking advertisement for a six year old browser that was never fully realized. at least it still has flash support. NOTABLE FEATURES >>> * custom background and pre-main content gif * silly effect when you hover over profile icons * custom omnibox styled search bar (if you don't wanna shill google just look for the ".search-wrapper::before" attribute and change the to your sea...

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— by 7 Comments

webcore oldwebish blue wavy grain filter

used code from this blog post

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— by chazza8 Comments

my pink layout idfk!!

change whatever u want!! feel free 2 ask for specific parts of the code or anything u want. if u use it lmk or add me or something. icon is a circle and spins and the first part of the code plays a song but to change that replace the bunch of letters in the link bit with one for whatever u want :)

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— by raven35 Comments

rainbow glitch

features a glitchy rainbow background, a circle spinning pfp, rainbow animation on links + your name, nyan cat online indicator, and a floating effect on the whole profile :)

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— by Scene_Wh0reX34 Comments

webcore/cursed web layout

cursed web layou, includes music ("BEZTEBYA") if you wanna remove its at the bottom last code, also includes trollface cursor i made x3

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— by 29 Comments

Azumanga Daioh OP - Soramimi Cake

won!!der!!land!! fai!!ry!!land!!, comment if using :33

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