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— by Misfits

Every Snowflakes Different Just Like You - MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

Happy holidays ^^ no need to credit me, idrc - just enjoy the beautiful song!

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— by mikey :3 (current (sh)it boy)

winter emo-ish layout!!!

hi !!! this is the layout i'm using 4 my profile rn!! i'm jus puttin it here in case any1 wantz it :3 santa hat is included but to remove it just remove tha ".general-about .profile-pic::before{" part and everything under it!!

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— by xXcrowFlockXx

My layout

This is just a layout I Frankensteined from other layouts. I like it, but I'm gonna change it so I decided to post it before it's gone. Please credit me if you use it!

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— by XxXLizzyxViciousxXx1 Comment

rainbow star scene layout+domo kun cursor!

just a fun little layout I made and want every1 to enjoy :) screenshot is from my coding account p1r4t3p3rs0n

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— by XxXLizzyxViciousxXx

Pink&Black Hello Kitty Scene Layout

I heart hello kitty! I made this layout on my coding account (p1r4t3p3rs0n), image is from my phone (u can go to p1r4t3p3rs0n to see how it'll look on your computer) but it has a checkered black&pink background after the glitter and it comes with a hello kitty cursor+includes a png of Hello Kitty in your "about me" :) one of my favorite simple layouts I made♡-♡

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black and red emo

its red, black, bloody and emo. couldnt find an image, sorry, but its like my old one. just go on my account to see what it looks like

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— by </glitch>1 Comment

red emo layout

its a red emo layout! i did change the sections where you put your interests in from 'general, music, movies, TV, heroes' into things that fit more for a lot of people but you can change it if you want to! there is also a my fav song part but you can remove that! if you need help with the code for your favourite song just comment and ill help you!

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— by tomi

— by tomi

— by tomi

— by mikey :3 (current (sh)it boy)3 Comments

infinity on high !!

based off of the album infinity on high by fall out boy :3

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— by xXQuinn.CatastropheXx10 Comments

Glittery Pink Scene / Emo Layout

NOTE: Any stickers, blinkies and stamps in the screenshot aren't actually included in the layout's code. It's the base only. This is my first ever layout! Please tell me what you think of it and if I should improve or add anything! It is an emo/scene layout with lots of glitter and possibly a bit of flashing images. Credits are included in the code so you don't need to add any. Feel free to change...

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— by Axel's Layout tester4 Comments

Black ang gray layout

My first layout, If you like it plz comment if u gonna use it, Credit not needed but preferred! ^^

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— by rex9 Comments

emo blue stars

emo layout w lots of blue and stars. if anything doesnt work lmk! pls make sure to credit me on ur page. friend rqs/comments r very appreciated!!

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— by Ladybird Marcy Crueger(fw)

Halloween Layout (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ)

ik it's late but i wanted to save this for myself and anyone who wants it credit me if u use it

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— by bunnyskieslayouts1 Comment

MY CHEM // Three Cheers Blog Layout

!! comment or credit before using !!! type out your blog, then click the "View HTML" button, it should look like this: then paste this

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— by bunnyskieslayouts5 Comments

MY CHEM // Three Cheers Layout

includes: intro, cursor, and cool stuff !!please comment below or credit if using!!! layout for blog:

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— by mikey :3 (current (sh)it boy)20 Comments


this is my old layout that i used on my profile,,, i made a new layout but i still like this one so i'm putting it here in case someone also wants to use it !!

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— by Comments

emo/scene red and black!!

hihi!! this is a layout i used for a while bc I LOVE IT, but im gonna try something new, so i thought i'd share it!! if you do use it, please credit me ( somewhere, even just in a comment!! i hope you like it, and please comment on this if you use it :]

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— by Bonnie 2 Comments