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— by π•·π–žπ–“π–

sally face

do not remove creds, pretty pls with the cheery on top LOLL and comment(optional) so i can check it out :D

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— by Clover

Vox Akuma Layout [FOR KINDREDS! ^^]

it's not the best, it's just a different version of my layla layout I made before (I also plan on making different layouts for other luxiem members but I did vox first bc I love him and he's my oshi >///

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— by Rainy (-.-)Zzz・・・・

Personal layout n.2 - Stollen cookie themed !!

Including: falling snow, cristmas hat and snowflake logo!!

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— by β™± Clement β™±3 Comments

Maeno being picked up/ placed down

A little floating image for your profile of maeno aki from zeno remake being place down/ picked up :3 art is by @stupidakito on twitter, please support them their art is so cute!! if u use it pls comment using >_ < AND FRIEND ME i like the game :D make sure to paste the code outside of , otherwise it wont work

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— by AV0N_011 Comment

Supernatural-inspired layout

-Works on both mobile and PC -Pixel-gif in the back made by Anasabdin (found on for example X, Instagram, or Tumblr) -Credit isn't necessary, but always appreciated -This is my first layout, so I'm sorry if something is off/the code is messy -To use simply copy paste the code into your "about me"/"code" section

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— by β™± Clement β™±1 Comment

Creepypasta logo

pretty sure this has been done before but i couldnt find it! so here ya go fellow creepypasta fans who cant find it :3

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— by CherryCosmos

Diaspro Wink Club Fairy

Diaspro Sparkly Gif comment if using I wanna see it on your profile (Bottom Right)

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— by CherryCosmos

Musa Wink Club Fairy

Musa Sparkly gif comment cause I wanna see it on your page Bottom Right

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— by Sally Face6 Comments

my layout rn


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— by Frankie β˜† Iero4 Comments

Vampy / emo layout

a catoon gorey layout, complete with custom cursor, sally face autoplayer, spotify embeds, floating page, extra image boxes, custom heart pfp animation and so much more please keep my page credits on / in ur general+ sections

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— by TYLER_XD20 Comments


FIXED !! should work. Paste this into your 'about me' section of your profile. I have not tested this on Mobile yet but i will soon! Please credit me for this i spent from 11:01 A.M to 3:01 P.M. Or at least add me and lmk if ur using!! If theres any problems please IM me :)

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— by xXJellyfishXx

Red online now

Is not necessary comment or give credits :>

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— by xX.darksn0w_Xx1 Comment

ragna the bloodedge bottom right corner!

Ragna the bloodedge doing a combo in ur profile

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— by duckie28 Comments

gothic blinkies

cute gothic blinkies for ur profile !!

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— by π•·π–žπ–“π–6 Comments

silent hill 3

layout that i coded in class !!!

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— by xXJellyfishXx3 Comments

Rockstar girl gif (bottom left corner)

The gift of a girl playing the guitar

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— by xXJellyfishXx

Red bunny gif (bottom right corner)

A red bunny :3 Is not necessary comment or give credits

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— by ANDREW ཐི♑ཋྀ 10 Comments

Red layout

a pinkish red layout. please comment if using.

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— by β‹†βŸ‘βœ©OMENβœ©βŸ‘β‹†1 Comment

Red & Black Blog Layout

A nice red and black blog layout! :)

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— by π–›π–†π–‘π–Šπ–“π–™π–Žπ–“π–Š7 Comments

hard metal/ rock / metal bands (BLINKIES)

hey loves🌸, this can go in (ANYWHERE YOU DESIRE) :) lmk if you guys have any troubles with the layouts asap, also TYSM!! for using my layouts again ty byee for now have a wonderful dayy and all the other days peacee outtt!!!

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