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— by (ノ´▽`)ノ🔪35 Comments

KYUFIX: the entire bee movie in one stamp! //KYULAYOUTS

hey kyuties! This is a fixed version from my latst layout. creds to viviemortis ofc goes in anywhere. most preffered it goes in about me. it has white text so idk if t would work on white boxes. once again, creds to viviemortis and cmnt using if using.!!

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— by チェリー(CHERRY THE SILLIEST)9 Comments

Nana layout

Nana based layout. The base layout is NOT mine i made a few changes to it creds are in the code comment if use:3

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— by liz18 Comments

ultimate dark theme

my first theme - a dark theme this took WAYYYYYY too long, probably because it was my first time around any sorts of, "coding" edit - 1, new screenshot edit - 2, fixed "blurb" and "friendspace" boxes

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— by ༺♰༻Clementine༺♰༻ (Autoplay!)39 Comments

Black bow on ur profile pic

black bow on ur pfp, yeah that it. sadly with loading screens it shows through I'm sorry :( if there are any issues plss tell me :))))) 🖤🖤🖤 (see my profile for example)

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— by Laydamerfor3 Comments

— by tarasука7 Comments

blue and black goth layout!!! slowdive background

hey!! this is my first layout and i dont think ill be using it anymore but its pretty cute so feel free to use , + optional stamps !! IMPORTANT !! there is 3 sections in this code so PLEASE insert them in 3 different sections for it to work properly, thanks!

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— by layout!2 Comments

goth black and blue layout !! slowdive - machine gun

a layout i made , i used some layouts already made and i have my bio in this layout , so make sure to change that aswell (i divided all three parts ) !! feel free to use but please tag me thank you! + optional stamps

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— by 🎸pierce🎸7 Comments

doctor pepper bottle on your profile

mmm doctor pepper. comment if using!! let me know if it works!!

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— by LyliaDelovaya8 Comments

— by ˚✩。⋆vic 𓋹。˚(matea's wife)42 Comments

Goth cursor(s) ˖°🦇ִ ࣪𖤐

Copy and paste in your 'about me' the code for the cursor that you want ;) There are 6 different cursors; ANKH, TINY SKULL, GOTHIC GIRL, HEARTAGRAM, BIG SKULL, & DECAGRAM

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— by ailana54 Comments

black/red blinkies

should be around 14-15! open for requests! going to drop a few sticker pack layouts tonight!

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— by 𝓔𝓿𝓲𝓮9 Comments

Black Dividers

comment if using any!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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— by pyrope

mooninites spacehey logo (NOT TRANSPARENT !!! BLACK BACKGROUND !!!)

made this 4 my own page, might as well upload it lol XD comment if using ^_^ !!! once again, not a transparent image !!! the image has a black background !!!

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— by ๋࣭ ⭑⚝𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔦𝔫𝄞⨾𓍢ִ໋10 Comments

Banner gif black cat

pls comment if u using !! :3

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— by Chilko neko nya kawai uwu chan20 Comments


Comment if you are using! (Credits to the creator of the photo! + Preferably make your profile dark so it can be seen better) It's a spinning doll, thanks to cwttom for sharing a photo of the code!

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— by Laydamerfor16 Comments

— by Wonder5 Comments

Black and Yellow(/orange?) Sparkle layout

just my layout I wanna upload so I can use it on my new Acc. for the scroll in the "who i want to meet" section. its a heavily edited version of the pink layout by bela (link)

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— by 🎀 jizzl kittypowpowkins🪞2 Comments

"on break" banner

comment if using (plz)

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— by nxrdy19 Comments


Cute caaaaat

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— by Tobben van Elric27 Comments

Blinkies by me

Blinkies made by me, comment if using, credits are not needed (obviously)

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