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— by dr.fran1 Comment

webcore themed layout !

Please don't remove credits. Also, yes you may change the code to your liking.

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— by Nyte Skye1 Comment

Lightning Bolt Cursor

A little lighting bolt cursor will go wherever you want!

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— by Angel Is Pretty. Odd.

Windows 98

A layout I made inspired by the old web aesthetic! I'm no expert at coding (I'm self taught- I still look up how to center divs), so good luck if you want to change anything in the code lmao. This isn't perfect, by the way. I might change some things in the future. Please do leave a kudos or a comment when using! I'd love to see y'alls profiles :] (Feel free to add me too! I always accept friend r...

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— by Dolli-Con1 Comment

🍭|A Spoon Full of Sugar

⚠️ IF YOU USE THIS LAYOUT, PLEASE EITHER COMMENT OR CREDIT ME ON YOUR PROFILE!!! ⚠️ ✧ This layout was heavily inspired by  Leo ☐  and a character-inspired layout of Shio Kōbe ' Happy Sugar Life (2018) '. ✧ A lot of love went into this, and I hope you'll credit me if you use it. It helps motivate me to make more layouts like this one! ✧ Some pieces of code might change, and I'll probably produce mo...

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— by Axel


cute scemo layout!!

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— by NuttyBunch

— by Alonso

— by analucia <3

clouds <3

funny fuffy clouds and stuff

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— by Steve Harrington

Hawkins High School Class of '83!

This is my very first simple layout! If you are a Stranger Things fan, this layout is perfect for you. Join me in proudly representing Hawkins High School class of '83. My layouts will get better over time. Unfortunately, I've been working like crazy so I only had a few hours to whip this one up tonight.

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— by noudg

— by Ariana

— by Ariana

— by BEEFSTEW1 Comment

Pastel Pink Layout

Cloudy pastel pink layout. Anyone can feel free to use. 

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— by Dayron Valerius

— by davey vampire >:)3 Comments


gi hun layout lolllllll made as a joke for a friend

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— by Sae Byeok

— by EliyaTheEli

🌈 Kidcore Rainbow Mess 🌈 (Have my layout!)

Have my layout here for any or y'all kidcore/rainbow loverzzz πŸŒˆπŸ’• Comment if using, it will be appreciated

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— by dr.fran

aesthetic animated dark green layout !

if you use this please remember to comment so that i know you used my layout ! also please don't remove creds !! edit: also also yes, you may change how it looks too, the code is quite messy so beware of that 

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— by 𖀐seath𖀐

— by Xx_adamphobic_xX

pink scenecore layout

this is the first layout i made myself, it took me like 3 days lmao feel free to use

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