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— by sarah anne 1 Comment

dark blue floral

dark blue floral layout. feel free to edit however you want; I use WeHeartIt for background images, for color charts and color codes and Google Fonts. have fun! I'd love to see how you edit yours, so send me a screenshot if you want!

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— by self-lobotomized

angelcore pink and blue

cute angel layout! includes: pfp replacement, id rather die by tramp stamps, miku cursor, and pegasus sticker!

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— by luciowole1 Comment

pretty blue butterflies

ayoo new theme i'm still learning how to make these layouts sorry the code is a mess :( i'm excited to be doing this again!! to use this, copy and paste the entire thing into your "about me" section feel free to edit or change any part of it!

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— by Caribe1 Comment

Hellokitty simply glittertastic

Hello this is the first layout that I share and hopefully i can share more with y'all. In this layout you can go back and change the color of the words if you like add whatever you like. Hope you like it. If you like this layout and use it let me know in the comment section and tell your friends about this and other layouts I created. Thank you so much. .

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— by CryingMinotaur20 Comments

OK Computer Layout

A layout based off of the album OK Computer by Radiohead. And a birthday present to a friend. Happy birthday! Please comment if you use! :D

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— by Div

Basic 2.0

The basic layout colors in a more modern look.

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— by 2777522010 Comments

Miku loading screen


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— by i_killed_cupid

a layout

this is my first layout so it's pretty basic, add me if you use

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— by Ayano5 Comments

Mikan Tsumiki / Nurse layout

A pastel pink layout that i made for funsies (this is my first layout, feel free to change/add anything!!) (ps! it comes with a cute pink bandage cursor :D)

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— by sKAi5 Comments



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— by r1n6 Comments

simple red

feel free 2 customize to ur liking!! - pls keep credits ,!! - comment if using !!! - thx :) - i can take requests btw, just lmk !!

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— by r1n2 Comments

simple orange

feel free 2 customize to ur liking!!! pls keep credits :) lmk if ur using !!!

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— by Fenderz🐐7 Comments

🌙☀️Late Dawn's Layout☀️🌙

My first layout! i hope you'll like it! Tell me if there are any issues with it. For first-time layout-users, copy the code and paste it under your "about me" text. This layout is inspired by my childhood and dad. I wish i could add a scent but that doesnt work XD. Just just imagine the scent of incense sticks or smth similar, when looking at the layout.

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— by luna8 Comments

☆☆☆ greenxpurple neon ☆☆☆

my 2 fave colors in 1 hope u lyke it ♡♡♡ comment if i should add custom cursor idk yet ilya!!! >w

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— by lana4 Comments

Screaming Mayday DOT DOT CURVE

add 2 ur profile 4 the song xp

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— by lana1 Comment

— by lana3 Comments

— by lana6 Comments

The Ghost of You MCR

^^ ; 4 ipiercedtheviel 

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— by lana1 Comment

Dive in PTV

BEST SONG EVR :D ; add 2 ur profile 2 use it ^^

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