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— by 🩸🧸blood melody(οΎ‰´β–½ο½€)οΎ‰πŸ”ͺ44 Comments

KYUFIX: the entire bee movie in one stamp! //KYULAYOUTS

hey kyuties! This is a fixed version from my latst layout. creds to viviemortis ofc goes in anywhere. most preffered it goes in about me. it has white text so idk if t would work on white boxes. once again, creds to viviemortis and cmnt using if using.!!

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— by チェγƒͺγƒΌ(CHERRY THE SILLIEST)10 Comments

Nana layout

Nana based layout. The base layout is NOT mine i made a few changes to it creds are in the code comment if use:3

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— by πŸ‘ΎpierceπŸ‘Ύ13 Comments

jeff the killers face on your profile

for my fellow jeff enjoyers!!!! comment if using!!! paste the code into any section on your profile

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— by ailana24 Comments

lisa frank stamps!

LOVE HER!! my childhood legend :3

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— by ailana15 Comments

IMVU tags

I HOPE U LIKE THESE!1!!! got them from tumblr like eveyrthing else... credit to the people i get them from... i dont really look πŸ˜“

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— by aerin

chris / green n white

uhhm. u can use as a base, just dont repost. thanks vro!!! image was taken on a phone screen, firefox desktop site mode. the code has not been updated(i found this in my google docs, so its a little old) so u can do whatever.

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— by ailana18 Comments

pink blingee sticker pack!

should be around 10-14 stickers... idk i forget really random and they prob dont size together well so you might want to move them around but heres the coding for them! leave suggestions but emo is next!! (couldnt fit them all in the pic btw sorry 3)

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— by ailana89 Comments

black/red blinkies

should be around 14-15! open for requests! going to drop a few sticker pack layouts tonight!

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— by Laydamerfor19 Comments

— by πŸ₯ž jizzl (i lov pancakes)5 Comments

"on break" banner

comment if using (plz)

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— by Tobben van Elric34 Comments

Blinkies by me

Blinkies made by me, comment if using, credits are not needed (obviously)

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— by ᧔᧓ ݁ Λ– 𓂃 π™›π˜†π—Ό .π–₯”9 Comments

🧸ᝰ.ᐟ dessert in the bottom of your screen ៸៸

:¨ ·.· ¨: `· . i dont own the image! - comment if you use pls

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— by ᧔᧓ ݁ Λ– 𓂃 π™›π˜†π—Ό .π–₯”85 Comments

ᜊ( ' ⩊ ' )ᜊ super cutesy dividers !!! α°”α©š

⊹ ΰ£ͺ Λ– dividers!! (these arent mine!!! i got them from google ₍ᡔ.Λ›.α΅”β‚Ž ) - say using if you use !! and lmk if it doesnt work

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— by ᧔᧓ ݁ Λ– 𓂃 π™›π˜†π—Ό .π–₯”34 Comments

(-_-)αΆ» 𝗓 𐰁 γƒŽsleepy kaomoji under the url!!

this isnt a png and it has a white background!! (β•₯﹏β•₯) 𓂃 ΰ£ͺ ִָ֢☾. comment if you use!

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— by ( ´ΰ½€` ) ΰΉ‹ΰ£­ β­‘9 Comments

shinobu & mitsuri intro/loading screen !!

copy n paste the code in order to use . comment "using!" if using 4 profile .

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— by ᧔᧓ ݁ Λ– 𓂃 π™›π˜†π—Ό .π–₯”116 Comments

α—’β—ž more silly user boxes !! ^..^

yippeeeee!!! α΅”α΄—α΅” comment if you use pls ! and lmk if somethings wrong with it β™‘

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— by Tobben van Elric24 Comments


Not necessary comment if using

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— by Tobben van Elric15 Comments

Russian language level

Not necessary comment if using

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— by Tobben van Elric

— by Tobben van Elric