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Tags: webcore, japanese, idk what do i tag this with, anime, moe


meaning: interweb

i am obsessed with japanese web design... soo i tried something inspired by it. it doesn't have a direct inspiration... the layout just... wrote itself naturally....


-customizable! i have made only two themes since i couldn't think of anything else... but you can customize it on your own too!! place your own banner, (side) background and accent color overall!!

-(fake)intrusive ads included!!!


-i do not know japanese!!!!! it's all fucking google translated i'm so sorry :( there might be embarrassing typos... people who do know how to speak it are very welcome to bully me for that

-"add friend" text is supposed to be translated to add friend... but when the user is already your friend and you have the option to remove them, it'll still say "add friend"... can't really do anything about it

-half-responsive (i still need to edit a mobile version. soon)


IMPORTANT: you need to paste one of these codes AFTER the main layout, otherwise it will not work. also, it will override any changes you've done in the code itself.

orange box!
<style> :root { --background-color: orange; --background-image: repeating-linear-gradient(45deg, transparent, transparent 35px, rgba(255,255,255,.5) 35px, rgba(255,255,255,.5) 70px); --banner-image: url(; --accent: orangered;} </style>
pink magic!
<style> :root { --background-color: white; --background-image: url(; --banner-image: url(; --accent: #F83f6a;} </style>


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