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— by J4yy2 Comments

tv gif!

copy and paste anywhere and it should work comment if you use!!

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— by n3wg0ryv4mp.com5 Comments

[REQUESTED] Digital Witch Mayura Gif w/out Kuro Unyu

Here is a digital witch mayura gif for your right corner :3 Someone requested a gif of her without her silly little sidekick, kuro unyu! Use however you like, and you can change anything lol Comment if using or not (it literally doesnt matter if you comment using :P)

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— by Katie (autoplay!)

?ǶĒÆỼĒŃŚφǶĒའӠ¿ (Ɱჯჯჯ) - HEXXO (Autoplay)

Auto plays ?ǶĒÆỼĒŃŚφǶĒའӠ¿ (Ɱჯჯჯ) by HEXXO when someone enters your profile

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— by n3wg0ryv4mp.com6 Comments

Karaoke Digital Witch Mayura Gif

This is a Digital Witch Mayura gif that will sit in the bottom right corner of your screen :3 Feel free to use however you like. Comment if ya use it (or don't, it doesnt matter LMAO)

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— by binglebob22 Comments

Advance Wars

A layout based off the japanese Advance Wars site: Original is heavy edited from LIONZ LYTZ's 'COMPACT - Starry Night' layout (Credits are still kept in code to adhere the original creator's rules for layouts) Credits to Amyd from the Spriter's Resource for the Green Earth Infantry sprite in the final layout...

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— by idioteque46 Comments


meaning: interweb i am obsessed with japanese web design... soo i tried something inspired by it. it doesn't have a direct inspiration... the layout just... wrote itself naturally.... features: -customizable! i have made only two themes since i couldn't think of anything else... but you can customize it on your own too!! place your own banner, (side) background and accent color overall!! -(fake)in...

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— by swords layout tester7 Comments

pink web

contains custom cursor, contact icons, profile hover animation, and topic titles.

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— by # frankie / valerie ᶻz20 Comments

blue cybercore layout

comment if ur gonna use!! includes a custom cursor

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— by # frankie / valerie ᶻz9 Comments

blue webcore (?)/old-internet inspired layout

idk what the fuck this is lmao, i just missed coding creds r not needed idc, mess around however u want

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— by 310satori5 Comments

Windows Themed Layout

Windows Themed layout with gray gradient boxes, a stars overlay (over entire profile, can be changed), custom online icon, custom font, and code that I tried to organize as best as possible. The Profile Link is hidden in this layout but code can be removed. Just comment if using! !UPDATE Added song code

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— by Aspen B]9 Comments

blue webcore/cybercore layout

blue webcore themed layout // Be aware the "show all" part for friends is gone

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— by 17 Comments

digital witch mayura layout ☆

^__^ i hope u guys like thissss !!!! banner/top backround image: online image: mayura in da corner !!!!!:

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— by swords layout tester9 Comments

purple web

contains: custom cursor, custom spacehey logo, custom online image, custom contact icons

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— by ☆らうら☆53 Comments

PINK WEB 2.0 !!

an upgrade of my previous pink web layout, inspired by and using graphics from Needy Streamer Overload!

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— by vsDave.exe

opera neon theme

become a walking advertisement for a six year old browser that was never fully realized. at least it still has flash support. NOTABLE FEATURES >>> * custom background and pre-main content gif * silly effect when you hover over profile icons * custom omnibox styled search bar (if you don't wanna shill google just look for the ".search-wrapper::before" attribute and change the to your sea...

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— by 6 Comments

webcore oldwebish blue wavy grain filter

used code from this blog post

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— by chazza6 Comments

my pink layout idfk!!

change whatever u want!! feel free 2 ask for specific parts of the code or anything u want. if u use it lmk or add me or something. icon is a circle and spins and the first part of the code plays a song but to change that replace the bunch of letters in the link bit with one for whatever u want :)

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— by ✰raven✰30 Comments

rainbow glitch

features a glitchy rainbow background, a circle spinning pfp, rainbow animation on links + your name, nyan cat online indicator, and a floating effect on the whole profile :)

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— by Scene_Wh0reX32 Comments

webcore/cursed web layout

cursed web layou, includes music ("BEZTEBYA") if you wanna remove its at the bottom last code, also includes trollface cursor i made x3

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— by 21 Comments

Azumanga Daioh OP - Soramimi Cake

won!!der!!land!! fai!!ry!!land!!, comment if using :33

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