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[requested by Shine_online! (space_frog)] (sorry for taking so long to do the request oof T~T ) should work when you put it on your about me section, if not, check if another code is stopping the song from playing :P [no need to comment if using ^_^] (requests r open :3) [doesnt work on mobile app ;-;] (music preview playing in bg)

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autoplay - hammer theme (poka poka) by tenkomori

the cute hammer theme song by vocaloid producer satsuki ga tenkomori, vocals by kana

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meaning: interweb i am obsessed with japanese web design... soo i tried something inspired by it. it doesn't have a direct inspiration... the layout just... wrote itself naturally.... features: -customizable! i have made only two themes since i couldn't think of anything else... but you can customize it on your own too!! place your own banner, (side) background and accent color overall!! -(fake)in...

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