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— by viviemortis7 Comments

jerky text for your page/layout!

just a simple animation with your own text. be sure to remove the ‘YOUR TEXT HERE’ part down in the code. enjoy! also! note that bold and italics do (i believe so) work in the text, if you know how to use it, do it! — to all the folks using this, thank you! kudos to you all

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— by BL33D1NGT00TH

rubberband text!!!!!

comment using if u are gonna use it plz!!! its my first time makin' somethin' like this so if it has any errors please tell me! lookie lookie! i'm like a rubber band! :D

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— by World princess (¥)4 Comments

— by DINN!!1 Comment

postal dude (glitter text)

its js text of postal dude pink glitter uhh say if u using

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— by :34 Comments

silly and :3 falling text

feel free to use for your silly deeds!

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— by BadBoy xD

Scrolling image/text/stamps

It scrolls your text. You can take the "top to bottom" or the "right to left" scroll, or you can choose the direction you want: INFORMATION GET HERE:

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— by Starry °ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ°

TEXT SCROLL ! (left & right only)

in order to change the font go to google fonts and filter for sans serif fonts. once you've gotten your font of choice replace the word "Lato" in this ('') thingy and in the font family section with your font's name....ㅤ changing font size should be obvious just increase or decrease the px as needed...ㅤ to ch...

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— by 18 Comments

Touhou Project Font

Font used in the Touhou Project games. To use, copy what's below. To change the font for other text, copy the {font-family: 'DFPPOPCorn-W12';} and put which text you want to change before it. EX. h1{font-family: 'DFPPOPCorn-W12';} - (This will change the font for your Profile Name.) View the profile diagram here for help. If you still need help, just ask!

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— by spacerat☆1 Comment

hover font change

idk i dont use this one anymore so im giving it away. edit all you wanna

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— by 爪卂乂丨爪ㄩ丂

Clocktower spacehey layout

this is an import from pimp my profile. You can view the layout at this link preview :

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