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— by alice แ—œหฌแ—œ2 Comments

change online now thingy into a pencil

free to use !! No credit required ๐Ÿ‘

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— by thatenbypan11 Comments

OMORI Themed "Online Now!" Icon [ANIMATED TOO!!! :3]

we back with another omori layout :3 use if u want just comment that ur using blah blah blah (if you want it next to your pfp, make a smaller status i guess) (also comment if it doesn't work too)

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— by alice แ—œหฌแ—œ34 Comments


add this lil code to your profile to have the autism creature spin on the corner of your screen !! you dont need to credit me but i’d appreciate it if you say if you’re using it in the comments :3

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— by boo โ‚แข.หฌ.โ‘…แขโ‚Ž9 Comments

Peeking Dwaekki Bottom Right

hihi!! if there are any problems please let me know! i don't code and this is my first time making one of these so I'm a newbie lolol. the gif was created by Jeallowzz ( !! if u want i will make more of these with the other skzoo !! i just did dwaekki cause I'm a seolar แต”แต•แต”

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— by Nyon || Nº1 SHELDON FAN :315 Comments

Funny animated n foating Sheldon that follows you when you scroll!!!


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— by ๐™๐™๐˜ผ๐™‰!59 Comments


(VERY SCARY!) You can comment if you use it! :D

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— by wareti24 Comments

rainbow animated autism(autsim is not required)

animated side to side rainbow put it in a needed field of your page ( ๏พ‰ ^ ใƒฎ ^ ) ๏พ‰ *:ใƒป๏พŸ a u t i s m โœง

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— by Kyle []

paste pinkl / regal layout

a princess-ey layout, complete with; custom pixel icons, autoplayer playing merry-go-round of life from howls moving castle, floating page animation, custom logo cover, heart pfp, bonus page boxes, spotify embed + more !! please keep my credits in the code

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— by AV0N_0112 Comments

Supernatural-inspired layout

-Works better on PC than mobile -Pixel-gif in the back made by Anasabdin (found on for example X, Instagram, or Tumblr) -Credit isn't necessary, but always appreciated -This is my first layout, so I'm sorry if something is off/the code is messy -To use simply copy paste the code into your "about me"/"code" section

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— by Kyle []9 Comments

Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI) Layout

a layout inspired by msi!! complete with a custome logo, cd pfp, autoplayer with a playlist of the best msi songs, custom pixel icons, floating page animation, extra image boxes + more please keep my credits in the code

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— by Kyle []20 Comments

MCR, Black Parade layout (TBP)

a black parade inspired layout complete with an autoplayer; playing all of tbp album, floating page animations, tbp mv loading screen, animated heart pfp, custom cursor, extra image boxes, spotify embed spots + more!! please keep my credits on the page

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— by Donnie

— by xX_J4C0_J4WBR34K3R_Xx6 Comments

sc3n3 layout wiv color changing rainbow animationz n raining nyan cat!!

rainbowz. neonz. glitterz. raining nyan cat. everything u could evr want XD mah first layout and am big proud of it!! dis will make ur pfp a circle btw XD bcuz mine is a circle and i made it 4 mahself, BUT!! if u wantz 2 fix it u can just delete teh bit dat sayz "border-radius: 50%;" (just hit ctrl+f and search 4 it) and boom!! square icon again :3 2 put a blinkie at teh top, find teh bit dat sayz...

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— by scar โ˜†9 Comments

aqua teen hunger force loading screen

i was gonna use a gif from the intro but i couldnt find one and am to lazy to make my own gif :p just comment if your using

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— by Qber1 Comment

Qbes Company Default (WIP) v0.9 (vignette, crt-like background)

WIP of what the Qbes Company (fictional) would use for this spacehey's layout. Goes for a black-white monochromatic color scheme, though no icons have yet been replaced, nor are any images added as I don't want to slow down the page with massive png's just yet.

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— by Quinn / Stan <36 Comments

warm winter

warm colors winter theme comment if you use, thank you!

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— by Quinn / Stan <3

uh. drive by lullabies theme i guess??

i was js messing w this code for awhile . i like the theme but I'm working on sum else rn

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— by Vee-Vee3 Comments

My profile

Couldnt find the og creator of the layout Im using so just pasting this here lol

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— by Hyporsheck1 Comment

10-FEET animated profile picture

you get the jist mate. (BE SURE TO COMMENT IF YOU ARE USING)

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— by xavier57 Comments

'ADD ME' Cat gif!!!

add this funny lil cat to your page!!! drawn and animated by myself :33 feel free to change its size and position! paste the image insert anywhere; about me, who id like to meet, ect,. let me know if anything doesn't work! comment if using! :33

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