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— by ˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖163 Comments


small image next to the online button! also you can edit the image! from other layouts you can edit the online button itself. if you want to take the layout, then write in the comments “using”

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— by # rey ✦41 Comments

creucat emoji thingys

just some creucat thingys i found

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— by # rey ✦82 Comments

imvu hoard

just like a tonnnnn that ive collected from other places,,, u can grab the urls here or on my blog if u dont rlly wanna try and find the right one. :p use annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny u want ,

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— by Generic_Dev27 Comments

Bouncing profile picture

What the code itself does is that it will give the profile picture some slight rounded edges, although if you know html and css you can reduce or increase it, and also, it makes the profile picture constantly bounce. If you liked it please say so in the comments, and if you use it please say "Using" or something like that so I know that people do like this stuff and so I can do more things like th...

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— by Generic_Dev24 Comments

Large animated text in "About Me"

The code will add a large animated text in the "About Me" section, although if you want, you can put it elsewhere as in the "Who would I like to meet" section, the animation is very simple, it is an animation which makes this text move up and down over and over again, if you know a little bit of HTML you can change the animation. At the end of the code there is a part where what matters appears, a...

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— by Generic_Dev9 Comments

Animated "Online Now" icon

This is a design inspired by the Online Now icon of the page, since in fact, I took the gif directly from that page, in my opinion it is very beautiful, it replaces the Online icon of your profile with this one, also as it says in the title, it is animated, very simple but beautiful, I hope you like it. (Like I said, the gif is not mine and belongs on page myspace.windows93.n...

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— by XxAnela_xDarknessxX33 Comments


Flashing and bright so be careful :P rly kewl tho! no need 2 comment if using

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— by Salem10 Comments

I Support All Gyarus Stamp

Add a stamp to your profile to show you support all gyaru substyles (this might be a little small im sorry lol, you can make it bigger if you want it to be seen better) paste the code anywhere in the about section or interest section

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— by XxAnela_xDarknessxX17 Comments


Basically just changed code to have neon blood option and stuff :p if somethingz wrong lmk thx lol no need for creditz or comment

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— by winter we fell (caspian's #1 fan)7 Comments

— by Groonklie8 Comments

Pip-Boy 3000 (Unfinished)

A Fallout style theme for your page with the vegas horizon in the distance and animated scanlines :) I'm planning on updating the frame for the pipboy and maybe adding some smudges onscreen and improving the appearance on mobile, but I feel like it's more than usable by this point. ALSO! check out the code when you put it in your page! since it's monochrome, you can use some of the filters I put i...

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— by lilya 𝜗𝜚17 Comments

— by Skrunkly!!!41 Comments

Trumpet car

I can act rather silly at times.

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— by Skrunkly!!!16 Comments

mischievous little guy

emotional support lizard for your profile

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— by Skrunkly!!!22 Comments

Silly T-rex in your corner

Watch your fingers! comment if using (or not) :3333333

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— by ➜ ┊: (мєσω) ᵎ ✰5 Comments

Gonta Gokuhara Pixel Bundle!

A bunch of Gonta Gokuhara pixel gifs, Type USING if used!

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— by ⚠︎𝟎𝐋𝐃 𝐒𝐏𝟎𝐑𝐓⚠︎™4 Comments

Space/Stars/Galaxy themed layout

this is my first time making a layout and i used a base (made by TheJasmineSixx [LunaGloomyCore] but i think i did pretty okay. im sorry if theres extra unecessary code packed in there or if something doesnt work. also theres free tinypixels and blinkies!1!1!!1! that definitly motivates you to use this. i also reccomend adding this layout! https://layout...

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— by ¡! Madoka 🍥4 Comments

animated gif whit polaroid pfp

a random code i make for me but i dont use , i share if you like this i leave intructions for all in my code if you want changue someting i leave a preview in this porfile give me credits and coment if u use

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— by J3TT J4YW4LK3R10 Comments

Animated profile; slow rising and falling

I can't show an image cause its an animation XD dis is da code to get the profile thing you see when the profile rises up and down slightly

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— by ali3n 1nvad3r :0 (no.1 bill kaulitz simp)2 Comments

pink genderfluid layout

this is a wip its kinda based on my oc the background is animated and the code is mostly labelled the outlines of the friends profiles stopped working randomly which is weird idk abt that? anyways comment using if ur using it and maybe add me :) also if anyone figures out how to change the comments colour let me know ive tried literally everything TnT

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