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— by Tobben van Elric5 Comments

— by Lewis19 Comments

Frutiger XP

Frutiger Aero Layout. Inspired in the layouts created by: Cory, tilapia and Valentine.

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— by exolocate

Windows XP Startup Sound

You know that Windows XP layout? I managed to fix the autoplay. Just replace the two iframe tags with the code below. UPDATE: Sadly, I think it only works with Microsoft Edge. I'll find some sort of workaround, again... companion layout:

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— by ☆ Matt ☆20 Comments

windows-esc layout

webcore-y windows xp kind of layout. has a wii pointer cursor, background gif, cd online signifier, and plays "flash casanova" by yabujin. comment if you want, i don't really mind :3

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— by Stardust Sleep1 Comment

Windows Media Player XP Template

you can edit what is displayed on the media player software by opening capcut, using it as an overlay over any clip or footage you want, turning it into a gif, and then replacing the baseplate image with it, I am making more Windows Media Player templates as we speak

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— by Vista2 Comments

Windows XP Loading Screen

Bring back the 2001 eXPierence with this nostalgic Windows XP loading screen.

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— by Katie (autoplay!) 🍉

Windows XP inspired warning screen

A warning screen inspired by Windows XP

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— by spunky ☆11 Comments

Windows XP Installation Music [Request] (Requests open) :D

It's a song in loop and it plays automatically when you enter your profile. If it doesn't work for you, then please let me know. ^^ If you want to leave me a request comment the name of the song and the group or artist to which it belongs and as soon as I can I will upload your design. c: In the same way, comment "using" if you use it or "I like" If you like this layout, thanks. Have a nice life.

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— by IPTVman22 Comments

Windows XP

Welcome to Windows XP from Microsoft, the new version of Windows that brings your PC to life.

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— by silly / arcade61 Comments

blue computer online indicator

an online indicator thing i made! its animated btw. (also tell me if theres any problems with it!) (edit - i dont have the energy to reply to everyone, but thanks for using this!! [: )

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— by Bacon 🥓106 Comments

Windows XP Pro: Gamer version

This layout is based on Cory's Windows XP Theme (can be found here ) with just a few tweaks/changes. If your new, simply copy all the layout code and place it in the about me section. All layout credits go to Cory, the topic list was however done by me (with help of a previous SpaceHey user). Replaced Office Assistant (Clippy) with Bonzi Buddy Replaced default background image with a Windows XP Pr...

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— by Cory3415 Comments

Windows XP

It looks like Windows XP. Comes with intro screen and hopefully an autoplaying windows sound! If you use this theme, please feel free to friend me or at the least leave a comment.

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