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— by Ruwsiann2 Comments

A Blue Wrath - I Monster [EDDSWORLD old Intro] [Autoplay] [Requests in comments]

It was difficult to search for it but it was achieved, nostalgia and the music of the EDDSWORLD program. [Comment/credit when sharing]

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— by ☆CHEROAH☆12 Comments

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— by ▄︻デ══━T0rd一~☆13 Comments

Eddsworld blinkie?

Idk if it’s considered a blinkie. But it doesn’t matter :P Enjoy it btw!! :3

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— by vixxy !9 Comments

★ Tord Layout 2.0 ! !

Alright so basically about a year ago I made a Tord layout and I thought it didnt look the best so heres the 2.0 ver! ★ !! ALL OF THE ART AND STUFF IN THE LAYOUT ISNT MINE SO CREDITS TO THE CREATORS TO THE ART AND ALL OF THAT !! ★ ★ background is by me

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— by xXxToasted_TreasurexXx2 Comments

scene eddsworld layout

Lol, if u use u dont have to credit me idc

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— by vixxy !18 Comments

Eddsworld Loading Screen!!!

Here! I might post more Eddsworld loading screens and stuff so stay tuned! :] BTW PUT IT ON GENERAL!!

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— by vixxy !3 Comments

Kawaii Layout with some Eddsworld stuff!! [Works on all devices!]

If you're a kawaii gal and a Eddsworld freak this is the layout for you!!

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— by vixxy !11 Comments

Eddsworld Layout !! [Works with all devices]

For the Eddsworld freakz like me!! ☆☆ !!NO CREDIT NEEDED!!

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