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eddsworld layout

Tags: eddsworld, web, flash, nostalgia, 2000s


thought I wanted to share my profile layout. included with an eddsworld ost playlist. you may edit it to whatever you want

just found an alternative file hosting website that i could use while my main one is being fixed in the meantime so yay (still gonna miss filehaus tho)

update (18 may 2024):

found a much better font and also other changes i'm too lazy to type here

update (6 june 2024):

fixed image not showing up (and also a bunch of other stuff that i dont know because i forgot to update this after i updated my profile)


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omg this is perf i'll use it when its fixed and twist it up a bit, lol thx

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just want to remind you that you can use it now

by rucobi; ; Report


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ok so uhhh turns out the file hosting that i used (filehaus) is broken because some fuckhead decided to ddos the website. fucking hell i just finished my exam why should it be like this

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For some reason the stripe sides don't show up on my computer or my chromebook. they're just black screens. otherwise the profile is really cool

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shit i guess the images and the font are broken again just give me a moment imma fix it

by rucobi; ; Report

ey just wanted to remind you that i fixed it

by rucobi; ; Report


by Celeste; ; Report

Jay !!! ^_^

Jay !!! ^_^'s profile picture

EEK I LUV THIS SM!!!! reminds me so much of the eddsworld website/yt channel in 2008-2010!! You are a LIFE SAVER im using!!!

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it was inspired by edd's actualy myspace profile (which on the wayback machine only has the background) so i think that checks out
also thanks for using

by rucobi; ; Report


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i think you commented on the wrong layout
either way still a dope layout

by rucobi; ; Report


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very cool layout!

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I'm checking thru your profile and is it just me or the font for some reason doesn't load?

by rucobi; ; Report

Maybe it's just russian that's unsupported?

by Vances; ; Report

Or like, at all doesn't load?

by Vances; ; Report

normally I would've just blamed my ameteur coding for this but seeing as there's russian words in your profile that could also be a cause

by rucobi; ; Report