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— by Groonklie3 Comments

Pip-Boy 3000 (Unfinished)

A Fallout style theme for your page with the vegas horizon in the distance and animated scanlines :) I'm planning on updating the frame for the pipboy and maybe adding some smudges onscreen and improving the appearance on mobile, but I feel like it's more than usable by this point. ALSO! check out the code when you put it in your page! since it's monochrome, you can use some of the filters I put i...

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— by ✝ C&SP ✝ (moved accounts)1 Comment


A simple layout meant to look like a terminal / command line. Comments are currently hidden on the layout, I will re-enable them when I finish the comment styling

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— by madden.dat1 Comment

dave and bambi terminal

really only uploading so i can get rid of it. enjoy

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— by ash (x8c8r)30 Comments

Color A CMD

Dark layout with green text I made for myself. Comes with a monospace font. The aesthetic is a bit inspired by p0l1bius's Matrix layout. Most of the stuff is commented, so you can change and navigate through the code easier. The code isn't guaranteed to be cleanest ever, I found selectors by just inspecting elements I wanted to change, which is also why some comments are non-descriptive/wrong. If ...

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— by Rott4 Comments


A layout themed around the NYM-OS system from the mystery app game, Duskwood! Great game, play it here and give Everbyte the love they deserve!

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— by nanno42 Comments

Royal Purple Terminal

A night-time purple royal theme for developers, coders, and those who are more minimalistic. Customization Before you use this theme you may want to customize the code! Change the css code in ":root" to this: mynamesize: this is how large your name is curve: how curved the boxes are headings: topic1: general topic2: music (default) | movies and tv (this layout) topic3: movies (default) | music (th...

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— by vani19 Comments


THIS TOOK 4EVER. type ur stuff in caps btw ^_^ it looks much better ! don't remove the credit plz? i probs messed some stuff up so sorry :((( this is rlly bad sorry yall i barely know html & this was my first layout feel free 2 use tho :sob: its rlly bad tho also profile comments don't show up cuz i messed something up SORRRY!!!!

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— by Spaz


Oldschool computer terminal layout

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