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— by Alyssa2 Comments

GIF TVs with custom cartoons for profile

for this example the GIF is chowder but you may want to play around with the width and height of the gif you use to fit the tv overlay. It's meant to appear under your links/interests. I just started doing this but I think it looks cool and I'm gonna add a bunch more tvs. Also, remove the comments I put in the code before saving it. just replace my GIF link with whatever you want. hope you guys tr...

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— by lettuce471 Comment

Baldi's Basics Fan sticker

for people who are fans of Baldi's Basics. comment "used" if using this in your profile :] [WILL NOT WORK AT THE MOMENT]

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— by BruZam2 Comments

windows 98 loading bar

barra de carga con estilo similar a windows 98 loading bar with style similar to windows 98 Cargando...

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— by N4TH4N43L_XP

Rockstar Spacehey Layout 2008 - 2024

Black Cat - Mayday Parade Rockstar Myspace Layout 2008 Rockstar Spacehey Layout 2024 Hello users, today I bring you a Layout that I recreated or tried to recreate, originally this Layout was from I found the Layout on this page:

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— by BruZam6 Comments



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— by Bennett21 Comments

Nyan cat theme

nyan cat retro layout

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— by Firebrand13 Comments

Dark Gloss

It all started with a layout by Cory (the one with CRT Green flickers), but eventually i've edited it into my own. Just copy&paste the code to your "about me" section. If you like it , feel free to comment on my profile!!!

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— by Soogoi

Windows XP

This layout will bring you back to the old days with a Windows XP look. Personalization You can personalize a few aspects of the layout, such as: Background image Clippy's message To do so, replace, the message to be displayed from Clippy in: Your message here And replace the background image in: body { background-image: url(''); } Note: Images are ho...

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— by moakuyo (#1 ranpo kinnie) ‧₊ ᵎᵎ 🍒 .˚✮31 Comments

Paint Interface (only top)

raw code for only top of the paint interface (+ transparent links) comment if using

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— by Lewis20 Comments

Frutiger XP

Frutiger Aero Layout. Inspired in the layouts created by: Cory, tilapia and Valentine.

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— by sovkay

80s playlist <3

for the stranger things/80s fans, Enjoy Lovely's xoxo

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— by benny

Retro Green with Red Skull Background

i basically combined p0libius' "Matrix - retro computer with green CRT" ( with Xxx.v4mp1r3du3t.xxX's "red and black emo skull layout" (, and messed around with it some. i'm not that good at coding, credits to figuring mosta that shit out goes to the creators of the original layouts. _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ the blinkies...

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— by Chris17 Comments

Webcore, Fractals, & Quantum Mechanics Art + Windows Pop-ups 🌐*˚‧͙✧

Code blocks are in the order shown in the pic. These will work best if you paste them in about me. You might have to resize them if you want to put it in your interests boxes. Pls comment if using! :-)

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— by Kal/Tango 13 Comments


Firstly, this code was adapted from by P0libius. I am not sure if I can post this and I will take it down if need be. Additionally, the aperture science logo is

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— by xXPixieDaNekoXx9 Comments

OG PlayStation Startup intro

Here i am gain XD requested by TiredNinjaSquall, works in profile and blog, no credit needed. (only give if u want) Preview: tell me if not working so i can see what can i do, making more of these later x3

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— by テ オ

— by B4GGY3 Comments


I searched up inside job on layouts and nothing came up so I decide to fill that void. If you haven’t seen the show, definitely check it out!!! I am a beginner at coding so feedback and suggestions (especially from other inside job fans) are recommended.

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— by ray ☆ 🍉 (woman lover ⚢)49 Comments

my melody windows theme

comment if used :) requested by purbabie !! spacehey custom logo by ✧💧Lumi💧✧ HIGHLY inspired by nini !! not overly compatible with mobile !! (sorry)

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— by woodlouse9 Comments

teletext inspired layout

basic layout inspired by the teletex service on itv, channel 4 and channel 5 from 1993-2010!! its extremely simple 4 now but i want to work on something else so ive got to get it posted :p feel free to modify as u wish!!

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— by Brody1 Comment

Blank Frame layout

Blank frame is a retro cybercore horror game, where you get trapped in your apartment! SPOILERS!!

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