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— by Tanner

[Deltarune] Noelle Holidaygirl1225 Blog Layout

[EDIT: I originally posted this on my Kris Dreemurr roleplay account! Go find me if you're also a Deltarune roleplayer!] // Hey friends! I've been messing with CSS stuff all day, and I finally have something I'm proud to share. This is supposed to emulate Noelle Holiday's blog from Deltarune, which we saw during the Spamton Sweepstakes. // To Use This: Create a new blog entry, click on the "view H...

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— by Hooterbby

Giant Christmas Tree

Notes: -I place my codes in my about me section. Anything else you want under the Blurbs area can be added into your Who I'd Like To Meet section. (I do this to keep the codes separate from other content.) -You can change your interest labels, found at the top of the code, labeled "topic". -Comments are in a scroll box. Hidden areas: Friends photos. url box. most headers.

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— by anti (loud a/p)2 Comments

— by peterkilledapony1 Comment

— by peterkilledapony

— by peterkilledapony2 Comments

— by melt5 Comments

santa hat + animated candy cane pfp border!

note: the santa hat code is modified from spacehey's! their original santa hat code can be found here. just wanted to give credit where credit is due! i whipped up the code for this candy cane border and thought the little santa hats on everyone's profile were adorable, so i combined the two! it's mobile-responsive. the santa hat can be removed, though, if that isn't your style. feel free to modif...

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— by ☆Lucky☆1 Comment

Honkai Star Rail Winter Lynx layout

photos found on Pinterest and Tumblr, I do not own any of the images. credit is always appreciated if used :] please comment or message me if something doesn't work

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— by Dr. Krush U2 Comments

basic christmas layout

christmas is coming so have this small basic layout :D

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— by _:(´□`」 ∠):_

Personal layout n.2 - Stollen cookie themed !!

Including: falling snow, cristmas hat and snowflake logo!!

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— by BadBoy xD30 Comments

Snow falling on your profile

Comment if you use it :) CHRISTMAS IS COMING

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— by marlee

— by marlee

— by Yumeiyuih ( ⚠ Automusic)

Carol of the Bells -Lindsey Stirling (autoplay)

Merry christmas ♥ accepting requests ! tell me if you use it to support me

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— by Yumeiyuih ( ⚠ Automusic)6 Comments

Padoru Gif

comment if you use it to support me ♥♥ Hashire sori yo kaze no you ni tsukimihara wo padoru padoruu!!! Merry christmas!

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— by Bhanu

Christmas Layout - Fireplace!

Dive into the enchanting holiday atmosphere with my SpaceHey layout featuring a splendid Christmas tree standing proudly before a crackling fireplace. The tree is adorned with twinkling lights, vibrant ornaments, and delicate tinsel, casting a warm glow across the room. The rustic fireplace, adorned with festive stockings, exudes cozy warmth, inviting you to embrace the spirit of the season. Glimm...

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— by જ⁀➴ tobias/frankie -`♡´- (hospital arc)5 Comments

cute christmas layout v2

xmas layout pt 2 includes scrollboxes for the comments, interests, and blurbs! comment if u use

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— by 20 Comments

Falling Snow

Layout to make it snow on your profile, feel free to modify the code to fix any problem or even create other layouts, no need to give credit. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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— by જ⁀➴ tobias/frankie -`♡´- (hospital arc)1 Comment

cute christmas layout

its almost xmas time :D (it's 33 days away) includes a custom online icon and a christmas hat on your pfp :] comment if you're gonna use!!

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— by marlee7 Comments

Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You) - My Chemical Romance Autoplay

this christmas classic is nowhere to be found on here. half the users on here are mcr fans this is so disappointing | comment "using" or any recommendations

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