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— by :: trixie toxxic ::30 Comments

Summer Layout!!!!

i made a lil summery cute layout 4 every1 :333 im pretty happy w/ dis 1 :D!!!! !!!plz dont use as a base!!!

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— by KJ

blue and yellow themed Ocean / key west layout

Its a pretty simple one, I'm really proud of this one  Does include music and custom curser Link to preview/layout ---

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— by TRaGiiCTaYY20 Comments

Summer aesthetic.

If you use this, please comment below, or add me on here. Thank you! :)

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— by 💀Hazy💀21 Comments

Strawberrry Cuteness

A strawberry layout complete with strawberry cursor! 

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— by Katie

Summer Vibe

If you like this style, you can use it in your profile, BUT at least, ADD ME or COMMENT BELOW and give me some kudos! I spent time for making this layout!!! Credits are appreciated (a post, a bulletin or something else that can support me)  You have permission to use this for your Layout only, you don't have permission to post elsewhere without giving a link to the original crediting me

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