Summer aesthetic.

Tags: tragiictayy, cute, full, simple, basic, summer, beach, blue, gray, layout


If you use this, please comment below, or add me on here. Thank you! :)


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kel's profile picture

super cool!!!! using!!!!!!

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May's profile picture

thank you! I love it

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Ace's profile picture

just my vibe 🤘 thanks

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Shena Christine ⚘

Shena Christine ⚘'s profile picture

obsessed, using <3

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Nicky!! - Any pronouns!!

Nicky!! - Any pronouns!!'s profile picture

very nice!

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erin !

erin !'s profile picture

i love it omgggg

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Raid of Stars

Raid of Stars's profile picture

Thank you! I love it.

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raine ʚĭɞ

raine ʚĭɞ's profile picture

Love this layout!!

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meliscorpio7's profile picture


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Callie's profile picture

This is beautiful. Thank you

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Jason Elliott

Jason Elliott's profile picture

Thank you!

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Sandra2621's profile picture

Thank you!

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Carley's profile picture

Great job!

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LoopRoad Records

LoopRoad Records's profile picture


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Vivi♥'s profile picture

love it, might change the background.

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LA gretch

LA gretch's profile picture

this layout is so cute! if i can remember how to do this properly i'll be using this. thanks so much! xx

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Love Guinn

Love Guinn's profile picture


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Frenkli's profile picture

this is a cute layout I might just nab it thank you!

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Go ahead! Thank you so much.

by TRaGiiCTaYY; ; Report

Jinxx ;

Jinxx ;'s profile picture

i love this one, thank you!

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Of course! :)

by TRaGiiCTaYY; ; Report