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— by Macy

white background/neon borders & text

click on my profile to see how it looks

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— by Operator8 Comments

base for a layout

customize is any way you want no credit needed. Do comment if youre using it plz

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— by fins3 Comments

basic blue base/layout

this is just a really basic layout i cooked up in about like a minute. i honestly dont give a fuck what you do with it. you can use it as a base, claim it as your own, whatever. go crazy. this includes a blue and black checkerboard background, a black background, blue text, circular pfp, and a blue cursor. unfortunately the cursor doesnt show in screenshots. also i was gonna add a border but space...

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— by Meru1 Comment

Bad Ichika/Leoni Layout

This is my first time using HTML after 4ish years my skills are rusty. Improve this... use this... use this for another character... modify it... whatever I don't know man it's not that good anyway.

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— by โ˜† sunny โ˜†

the memory - puzzle.

anyone who wants to have this masterpiece of a song. u dont have to cred, but comment if using :))

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— by Bella โ˜†2 Comments

Barbie Layout

auto plays barbie life in the dreamhouse intro feel free to edit anything!! dony need credit but comment if using i just like knowing hehe

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— by แถป ๐—“ ๐ฐ12 Comments

cute light pink layout

:3 its a basic light/baby pink layout

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— by Pina's bf (REAL)5 Comments

— by space hoe โ™ก4 Comments

basic butterfly layout

cute blue butterfly background and plain blue body for people who like a less chaotic look! (plz comment if using)

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— by Div1 Comment

Basic 2.0

The basic layout colors in a more modern look.

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— by 77razr1 Comment

Basic psychedelic autumn layout

I know it can look better but I made it for me rlly so idc.

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— by M3MPHIS!3 Comments

brown cloud mix

idk if i like this one but here !! clouds and stuff ^^ paste into the "about me" section in ur profilee 

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— by M3MPHIS!1 Comment

soft purple buzz

purple kinda blue looking layout !!

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— by xXLUKAXx6 Comments

pink black scene

super basic pink and black layout! hope u like it! also please give creds or leave a comment!

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— by M3MPHIS!2 Comments

basic red/pink/black

this is a basic layout, my first ever made aswell ^. .^ copy and paste this code into your 'about me' section while editing your profile 

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— by ๆ„›

Kazuma Kiryu's Blog of Revelation (Y4/DS Black Ver.) | Blog Layout

Here's the Blog Layout for Y4/Dead Souls version. The Profile Layout is also available -- here The original Y3 Profile Layout and Blog Layout can be found -- here and here As always, enjoy

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— by ๆ„›2 Comments

Kazuma Kiryu's Blog of Revelation (Y4/DS Black Ver.) | Profile Layout

WELCOME BACK KYOUDAI If you havent seen the original Y3 Profile Layout, you can check it out here There's also the Blog Layout for it that can be found here This is an alternate version of the blog inspired from Y4 and Dead Souls. I thought I wasnt gonna do it but here it is. LOL RESOURCES Kamurucho : 1 - 2 (using) -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6  -  7  -  8  -  9  -  10  -  11 Sotenbori : 1 - 2 - 3 Okinaw...

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— by ๆ„›1 Comment

Kazuma Kiryu's Blog of Revelation (Y3 Orange Ver.) | Blog Layout

YO KYOUDAI This is the same codes for Profile Layout but for blogs. If you want a matching profile and blog layout, you can have this too! You can find the Profile Layout version --  here Enjoy!

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— by ๆ„›2 Comments

Kazuma Kiryu's Blog of Revelation (Y3 Orange Ver.) | Profile Layout

WELCOME KYOUDAI Long story short, I thought of making " Kiryu's Blog of Revelation "-inspired layout due to nostalgia for Yakuza 3. This is my first attempt in making a layout for people to use and unfortunately, I dont have the creativity to push this further. I did the best I could to replicate the blog Kiryu had in Y3 but this still seems bareboned. So by all means feel free to customize it or ...

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— by Boogley8 Comments

Profile layout template

Thanks to Heath's  group , I was able to piece together a profile layout template to use. I added and edited attributes to my own liking. Color, images, headers, fonts, cursors, borders, text colors, all left blank and ready for you to copy - paste - and edit c: Feel free to add and take away anything you want. It took me a bit to put together as a beginner coder and I still have little experience...

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