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— by Prince's CSS Lab ๐Ÿ‘‘5 Comments

Purple Scene/Anime Layout (With Animations)

aaaa hai!! this is the first layout i've ever published c:  + feel free to edit the css as much or as little as you'd like + credit isn't needed, feel free to remove the hyperlink okeyokey bye

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— by Crash Test Dummy

Emo layout

By request an Emo layout with this background

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— by Crash Test Dummy

— by <3maria<31 Comment

— by kuromikillz


Kuromi is baby 

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— by suni43 Comments

kuromi layout

kuromi layout dedicated to one half of my favorite lesbian power couple (my melody is up next). this one took me a bit because i couldn't quite get exactly what i was going for (especially for the background, it felt like nothing matched to the ideas in my head) so please feel free to make as many modifications as you want to this one! she's still cute though and i like her enough to post! might m...

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— by TheJasmineSixx (LunaGloomyCore)51 Comments

Kuromi theme

feel free to change bits and add stuff, dont forget to credit me,comment and give kudos

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— by ๐–† เฟ 16 Comments


ewwwww! UPDATE : removed social media link box!  let me know if you run into any bugs or need help changing anything. please leave a comment if you are using!

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