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Sparkly rainbow Kuromi Scene layout

Tags: scene, sparkly, glitter, emo, rainbow, 2000s, y2k, pink, green, kuromi


It’s a scene layout with sparkles rainbows with Kuromi snowflakes and has a domo cursor also has famous last words by mcr and emo boy by ayesha on there this is my current layout feel free to change it up just comment if you use it and give me credit cause this was my first layout and I’m very proud of it thank you🤭🤭 also comment for requests on layouts


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v3niamiin6's profile picture

can I have a separate code with a gif of a gir invader zim?><....

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Jonah's profile picture

using <3!!!

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xXZ0mbeh_GurllXx's profile picture


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Sanr!oGutz((>ω< ))o

Sanr!oGutz((>ω< ))o's profile picture

Super cute! Using!
It would be super cool to see more black and pink (light pink and hot pink with lots of glitter) hello kitty layouts! I've been looking for one that matches my spacehey name but it's been tough :3

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Hot Pink black and lime green are my fav rn

by 𓍊𓋼Carter𓋼𓍊; ; Report

ash, princess of darkness //_^

ash, princess of darkness...'s profile picture

using! thnx <3

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hellchu <3

hellchu <3's profile picture


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Cuddles the clown

Cuddles the clown's profile picture

Using! <3

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Iz4k's profile picture

using :DD

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robin 's profile picture

using :3

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styx nani

styx nani's profile picture

totally usinggg

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Xx_kAi_xX's profile picture

using !! it's so cute ><

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Rey's profile picture

using!! tysm :)

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I love to see it

by 𓍊𓋼Carter𓋼𓍊; ; Report


MaRI's profile picture

using >_<

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I love to see it You’re welcome

by 𓍊𓋼Carter𓋼𓍊; ; Report


⦻Fizzy_Blood⦻'s profile picture


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The froggys are too cute

by 𓍊𓋼Carter𓋼𓍊; ; Report


by ⦻Fizzy_Blood⦻; ; Report

rie †໒꒱

rie †໒꒱'s profile picture

im using !!

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I like how you made it your own it’s so cute

by 𓍊𓋼Carter𓋼𓍊; ; Report


sam 's profile picture

using >_< !!

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☆•Dead_!!!•☆'s profile picture

Using!! Also I love this layout!! :D

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Thank you it’s my first one I worked hard on it if you have any requests to make the layout more personalized let me know

by 𓍊𓋼Carter𓋼𓍊; ; Report

Also love the spiders you added they’re too cute

by 𓍊𓋼Carter𓋼𓍊; ; Report


by ☆•Dead_!!!•☆; ; Report

I’m totally using this

by Xxspencey.wenzyxX; ; Report