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— by ora's html/css workshop2 Comments

celestial aesthetic

hiya! first layout ive posted in weeks. sorry abt that i have not been mentally well regardless. heres this one i loved it sm so here u go please give credit! with love, ora

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK32 Comments

~lofi dropping petals in the rain 🌧️


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— by RiviR5 Comments

Pixel Cottagecore

a simple yet relaxing cottagecore themed layout featuring pixel art. Green is a main color within this layout with white, blue, and rose colored accents. This layout is designed to be easy to read and simplistic while still attaining a unique sense of liveliness through the use of gifs. If you like relaxing cottage vibes then this is the layout for you! Check out this profile for a sample of what ...

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— by suni7 Comments

cherub rock

cherub rock okay this might be my favorite layout i've ever had. the images are large so it does take a moment to load but i think she's worth it! this layout hides your url links friends name comments. includes online now icon and cursor. ♥ if you like it/use it, please leave a comment and feel free to add me!♥ add a link to add comments by copying and pasting in your who i’d like to meet section...

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— by cristiana5 Comments


layout by cristiana Simple, dark, purple-y. IMPORTANT: The "background" div is necessary, don't delete it. The "about" div is necessary, don't delete it. Spotify playlists have been styled. Use the div for whatever music player you want, but no guarantees on how it'll look. Click here to view it live on my blog and give kudos if you feel like it. Leave a comment somewhere if you like it and you th...

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— by Katie1 Comment

Pretty nails layout

If you like this style, you can use it in your profile, BUT at least, ADD ME or COMMENT BELOW and give me some kudos! I spent time for making this layout!!! Credits are appreciated (a post, a bulletin or something else that can support me) You have permission to use this for your Layout only, you don't have permission to post elsewhere without giving a link to the original crediting me.

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— by Cory4 Comments


Get a breath of fresh air with this layout. If you use this layout, feel free to give me a comment or even follow me!

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— by zoe1 Comment

Kind of gradient forest¿

I found this on Pinterest and really liked it. I hope I'm doing this right but to anyone who uses this, I'm glad you like it! 😁

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