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pretty blue butterflies

Tags: blue, nature, aesthetic, cute, simple, y2k, pretty


ayoo new theme i'm still learning how to make these layouts sorry the code is a mess :( i'm excited to be doing this again!! to use this, copy and paste the entire thing into your "about me" section feel free to edit or change any part of it!


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⛤ LAZARUS / DOPPIO ⛤'s profile picture

using !!

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Hanni's profile picture

Love this! Using it <3 tysm

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Olenka's profile picture

Using! I hope it's okay if I changed spmething a little :)

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sascha's profile picture

using this

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miyawakiss's profile picture

hii i'll be using this layout but i'll change the photos if its ok!!

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GENEVIEVE 🕊️ 's profile picture

Hello! Using!

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meghan's profile picture

hello! currently using this layout. i hope you don’t mind!
i made a few tweaks to make it my own—is that okay?
currently there’s no credit anywhere on my page, as none was included in the original layout—would you like me to credit you somewhere?

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you can make any changes you want!! dw about credit :)

by whomists; ; Report


voxxane's profile picture

how did you add that stamp thing> "the worst is in the past now" and how can i edit it and put another one in? im gonna ask for too much but can i get more of them like idk give me links on how to put them?

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i use tumblr to find them, just search "blinkies" and a lot will pop up

to insert them, add img src="(put url here)" alt="alternatetext"/ with greater than and less than symbols on the outsides into ur about me wherever u want

by whomists; ; Report

wolfboy231 (jay) ☆

wolfboy231 (jay) ☆'s profile picture


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