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Olive Ink

A simple theme with natural colors themed off of the 2005 Napa Style store site , which I learned about from some textbook I found about web design from like 2003, very interesting. This theme is pretty simple, but I think it works to its benefit, Though I might design a more textured version sometime with bevels on everything and what not. As usual, all the colors used are immediately available t...

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Windows XP

Welcome to Windows XP from Microsoft, the new version of Windows that brings your PC to life.

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Windows XP Pro: Gamer version

This layout is based on Cory's Windows XP Theme (can be found here ) with just a few tweaks/changes. If your new, simply copy all the layout code and place it in the about me section. All layout credits go to Cory, the topic list was however done by me (with help of a previous SpaceHey user). Replaced Office Assistant (Clippy) with Bonzi Buddy Replaced default background image with a Windows XP Pr...

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— by Macky

Windows 95

Just a Windows 95 layout I made. If you end up using it, I don't care if you mention me or anything of the sorts (it's the internet, everything is shared). I haven't commented every single aspect of it due to laziness. If you want to change anything about it, just look through the code. Heavily modifying parts of layouts I want and using the template by meh!! here. I modified it enough that I feel...

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