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— by Theo22

— by ray ☆ 🍉42 Comments

my melody windows theme

comment if used :) requested by purbabie !! spacehey custom logo by ✧💧Lumi💧✧ HIGHLY inspired by nini !! not overly compatible with mobile !! (sorry)

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— by CHЯISTIAИ9 Comments

Have you tried giving up and using hard drugs? (png bottom right)

Why did i make this? I am not sure. Clippy is asking if you have tried giving up in very low quality.

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— by Vista9 Comments

mini windows 95 video player in bottom right of profile

Essentially the same as but with the Windows 95 layout.

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— by woodlouse5 Comments

old windows style start screen [CURRENTLY BROKEN]

before your profile - like a loading screen, but it shows ur profile when u click the start button :) let me know if there's any issues, i havent found any (yet lol) but happy to fix any that arrive! feel free to edit as you wish

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— by psyclone

Windows Classic style MySpace logo!

You can see how the logo looks on the page here.

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— by psyclone5 Comments

Windows Classic SpaceHey logo

a logo inspired by windows classic

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— by a_03 Comments

windows 95 bulletin/blog

☆ CODE PREVIEW!!! ☆ (you could preview how it would look like if used in a bulletin or blog here!!) i have been SEARCHING for bulletin layouts and none of them fit my style + there's not rlly much like I've only seen one or two. I'm a new user with zero knowledge of CSS so I searched for tutorials, and bases and messed around !! also, I think the code has like so much unnecessary stuff + its messy...

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— by ☆らうら☆33 Comments


a very pink webcore layout inspired by windows 95! this is technically a stepping stone towards a layout im trying to achieve but i like how it looks right now so i decided to publish it! enjoy!!

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— by ida🦌✨💜351 Comments

Windows 95/98 Layout

bunch o' code that makes your profile look like Windows 95/98, most of the colours and things are editable and there's comments pointing to what all the colours are, so feel free to make an abhorrent rainbow version of the theme if that's what you like :3 feel free to let me know if there's any issues with the layout and i'll try to fix them!!

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— by Macky

Windows 95

Just a Windows 95 layout I made. If you end up using it, I don't care if you mention me or anything of the sorts (it's the internet, everything is shared). I haven't commented every single aspect of it due to laziness. If you want to change anything about it, just look through the code. Heavily modifying parts of layouts I want and using the template by meh!! here. I modified it enough that I feel...

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