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Windows 95/98 Layout

Tags: windows, retro, windows 98, windows 95, computer, vaporwave


bunch o' code that makes your profile look like Windows 95/98, most of the colours and things are editable and there's comments pointing to what all the colours are, so feel free to make an abhorrent rainbow version of the theme if that's what you like :3

feel free to let me know if there's any issues with the layout and i'll try to fix them!!


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Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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will's profile picture

using ^_^

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GL1TTER♡'s profile picture

Looks great omg

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Eric McIrons

Eric McIrons's profile picture

This is perfect for what I need right now, thanks OP. Whopper job done and a can of coke to you!

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Oh, quick question: Is it possible to put in a background image? I'm a complete nothing when it comes to figuring out HTML, haha.

by Eric McIrons; ; Report

oh yeah just look up css background-image if you wanna learn how to do that!!

by ida🦌✨💜; ; Report

sonic the hedgehog :]

sonic the hedgehog :]'s profile picture

using !! ^-^

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i am frank iero

i am frank iero's profile picture

def going to be using this!

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Plum-Honey's profile picture

Using! :D

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tsukasaaaaa's profile picture

using ^_^

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x's profile picture


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bamberzz's profile picture

uzing ! thxzm

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nickel's profile picture

using, this is so awesome !!!!

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radviolo's profile picture

this is v rad, will be using it :]

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🍰 ditzy 💤

🍰 ditzy 💤's profile picture

This layout is so awsum!!!!! i will use this :3

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Joseph Daly

Joseph Daly's profile picture

Tis a good theme/layout. Appreciate your effort in making it

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salomesandysalvie's profile picture

using dis!

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[literalcats] jax

[literalcats] jax's profile picture

very nice, thank you

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RockJuleMantis's profile picture

Perfect vibe for my profile thank you

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by ida🦌✨💜; ; Report


Vulpovile's profile picture

This looks awesome! Totally using this!

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AIM 's profile picture

using this !

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valentine's profile picture

using :D this is so cool i lvoe it!!

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ChmBkt's profile picture

Made something pretty similar on my MySpace93 and I actually tried porting it here, but then gave up on it because of the different layout.

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