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— by technicALLIty5 Comments

Vintage Digital Vibrance by technicALLIty

I crafted this minimalist yet vibrant layout combining elements from Angel Is Pretty. Odd.’s Windows 98 layout and this image. You can find the contact button in this fan.tastic icon library on Tumblr. I designed this SpaceHey layout code to display the most basic information: About Me General Music (for your autoplay code and chosen song information) Mood and Status Blog Contact Icons Beyond that...

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— by psyclone

Windows Classic style MySpace logo!

You can see how the logo looks on the page here.

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— by idioteque83 Comments

w98 cd player

have you ever gone "i need more useless stuff on my profile!"? well, i also went "which useless thing do i waste my time on?" so here's a windows 98 inspired overcomplicated cd player!!! icould have just taken a screenshot and plastered it across a div but i had to Do it entirely preview CD Player D isc V iew O ptions H elp [00] 00:00 ▶ ❚❚ ◼ ❚◄◄ ◄◄ ►► ►►❚ ❚ ► A rtist: Title: Total Play: 00:00 m:s ...

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— by psyclone5 Comments

Windows Classic SpaceHey logo

a logo inspired by windows classic

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— by ida🦌✨💜351 Comments

Windows 95/98 Layout

bunch o' code that makes your profile look like Windows 95/98, most of the colours and things are editable and there's comments pointing to what all the colours are, so feel free to make an abhorrent rainbow version of the theme if that's what you like :3 feel free to let me know if there's any issues with the layout and i'll try to fix them!!

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK27 Comments

🌴🌊.•* Windows 98 *•.🌊🌴 💧h20 series💧


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