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— by ✝ C&SP ✝


A simple layout meant to look like a terminal / command line. Comments are currently hidden on the layout, I will re-enable them when I finish the comment styling

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— by ash (x8c8r)1 Comment

Color A CMD

Dark layout with green text I made for myself. Comes with a monospace font. The aesthetic is a bit inspired by p0l1bius's Matrix layout. Most of the stuff is commented, so you can change and navigate through the code easier. The code isn't guaranteed to be cleanest ever, I found selectors by just inspecting elements I wanted to change, which is also why some comments are non-descriptive/wrong. If ...

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— by pissbaby1 Comment

mgs themed layout somewhat idk

this is mainly for me to archive my layout since i MIGHT make a new one idk really imperfect tbh. really chaotic code but works overall. you may use it if you wanna just tell me first though comes with raiden background, floating animation, online icon, middle finger hover cursor, hidden 5k mobile users award, !!!A LOADING SCREEN WITH TITTIES ON IT (not in a creepy p-rno way though in like an arti...

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— by vsDave.exe

opera neon theme

become a walking advertisement for a six year old browser that was never fully realized. at least it still has flash support. NOTABLE FEATURES >>> * custom background and pre-main content gif * silly effect when you hover over profile icons * custom omnibox styled search bar (if you don't wanna shill google just look for the ".search-wrapper::before" attribute and change the to your sea...

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— by BOW :325 Comments


a layout that looks somewhat like a windows computer!!!! including an epic face cursor, shaky images, custom notification image, comment section scrollbox, stamp & blinkie collection scrollbox, n a silly goodpuffer cube gif!!!

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— by nanno39 Comments

Royal Purple Terminal

A night-time purple royal theme for developers, coders, and those who are more minimalistic. Customization Before you use this theme you may want to customize the code! Change the css code in ":root" to this: mynamesize: this is how large your name is curve: how curved the boxes are headings: topic1: general topic2: music (default) | movies and tv (this layout) topic3: movies (default) | music (th...

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— by goofy goober2 Comments

kyle broflovski layout

this is a regular layout but i tried to make it south park coded this layout inculdes custom logo custom online icon no contact icons (i left the base for contact icons incase you want to change the icons) old scrollbar code custom cursor autoplay music (dreidel song) it can float and i tried to make it computer kinda thats all i can remember rn lol

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— by 24 Comments

monitor custom spachey logo

what it says on the tin. should work combined with any other layouts provided that the layout youre using doesnt already have a custom logo already or mess with it. also no need to credit me

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— by Silly / Arcade39 Comments

blue computer online indicator

an online indicator thing i made! its animated btw. (also tell me if theres any problems with it!) (edit - i dont have the energy to reply to everyone, but thanks for using this!! [: )

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— by layla ☆198 Comments

webcore/cybercore (?) idk

got bored @_@ inspired by the 2000s pink animecore webcore layout that we all know and love

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— by JAIDEN65 Comments

purple computer/cybercore layout

hi there!! heres my second layout ;D thanks to my friends recommending this under my bullentins! pls comment if you use!

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— by Ibuprofen Barbie34 Comments

Green Computer Layout

Please friend me or comment if using !!

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— by Ibuprofen Barbie1 Comment

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Layout

Comment or friend me if using please !!

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— by Ibuprofen Barbie69 Comments

Red Computer Layout

Please comment or friend me if using !!

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— by Ibuprofen Barbie25 Comments

Pink cybercore layout

Credit to Rowan for the code !! I just changed the color and the 'online' gif for the ppl who want it pink :))

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— by logan31 Comments

Retro Steam UI Layout

A layout made to mimic the old green Steam user interface from the late 1990's and early 2000's. I grew up with this UI and immediately knew I wanted to recreate it once I heard about SpaceHey's custom CSS capabilities. Hope ye all enjoy! Works on both desktop and mobile. Release January 01 2023

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— by |>ЯANCID<|16 Comments

black n green

Just a lil something for the losers whose fav colorz r green n black lolz

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— by 1 Comment

2004 MySpace is back

Hehehe copy the layout code and paste it to your about me

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— by asscastle14 Comments

Windows 3

Created for my own profile, but I've been told that it's cool and that I should share the code so here it is! This layout skins your profile to resemble the Windows 3x operating system. It gives all sections of your profile a really cool-looking border, it skins all of the buttons such as those in the navbar and the comments box, and it adds a whole bunch of cool graphical icons to your contacts b...

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— by Rio8 Comments

Windows 98 inspired

inspired by windows 98, my first layout footer links and logo do not change

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