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— by ☆ Matt ☆

windows-esc layout

webcore-y windows xp kind of layout. has a wii pointer cursor, background gif, cd online signifier, and plays "flash casanova" by yabujin. comment if you want, i don't really mind :3

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— by k0n1smid19

Windows XP - Velkommen [Music]

Its music for your Windows XP theme website! just dont repost it... and credit me if you want too! its free to use!

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— by k0n1smid196 Comments

Windows XP cursor (working)

its a working windows xp cursor! you can credit me if you want! just dont repost it...

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— by ⠀ 𓆩❦꫶𓆪 ⠀ TOO DEAD 2 DANCE24 Comments

Red Windows video player

Red Frame credits Top right (^_^) — note — I’m pretty sure you can’t change it to go to the bottom . . I’ll make a new one for that 💔

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— by Theo22

— by ray ☆ 🍉42 Comments

my melody windows theme

comment if used :) requested by purbabie !! spacehey custom logo by ✧💧Lumi💧✧ HIGHLY inspired by nini !! not overly compatible with mobile !! (sorry)

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— by CHЯISTIAИ9 Comments

Have you tried giving up and using hard drugs? (png bottom right)

Why did i make this? I am not sure. Clippy is asking if you have tried giving up in very low quality.

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— by xxRebellious_Emmaxx10 Comments

Windows 7 Aero Glass Tab Background

This is a fun little Windows 7 Aero Glass Tab background for your bulletins/blogs/profiles (Windows 7 home wallpaper is NOT included in this layout). Let me know if anything is broken.

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— by xxRebellious_Emmaxx37 Comments

Windows 7 Startup Loading Screen

This is a Windows 7 startup loading screen for your page/blogs/bulletins. Man, I miss Windows 7. .

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— by xxRebellious_Emmaxx

Windows 7 Loading Circle Cursor

Here is the round circle loading cursor from Windows Vista/7.

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— by xxRebellious_Emmaxx11 Comments

Windows 7 Loading Pointer Cursor

I found this cool Windows Vista/7 loading pointer cursor that you can use for your page. Let me know if anything is broken.

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— by Vista

Windows XP Loading Screen

Bring back the 2001 eXPierence with this nostalgic Windows XP loading screen.

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— by Vista14 Comments

Mini Windows 7 Video Player Layout

Just the same as the Windows 95 one I made but with Windows 7

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— by Vista9 Comments

mini windows 95 video player in bottom right of profile

Essentially the same as but with the Windows 95 layout.

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— by xxRebellious_Emmaxx25 Comments

Windows Vista/7 User Profile Icon

This is a profile icon layout meant to make your profile pic look like it's from the Windows Vista/Windows 7 user account log in page. :)

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— by cary49 Comments

mini windows video player in bottom right of profile

its literally what the title says. edit the "VIDEOIDHERE" bit to the youtube link you want and it should work! in theory you could edit the code to whatever embed you want in there wwwww ¯\_( ´_ゝ`)_/¯ credit isnt needed but id be happy if you did ^_^ please reply if using!!

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— by psyclone1 Comment

Windows 11 Light v1

Modified version of Windows 7 Basic layout by Tilin . Made to look like Windows 11.

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— by Katie (autoplay!)

Windows XP inspired warning screen

A warning screen inspired by Windows XP

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— by refridge_1 Comment

refridge_ signature

this is the first layout i made it kinda sucks but what do you expect from a first layout let me know if it doesn't work :P just a bit of blue with the windows 95 flying screensaver in the background

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— by Mewo2 Comments

💿 old web screensaver gif 💻

found on tumblr!!! comment if there's any issues with the code!!!! 🩷

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