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— by a_02 Comments

windows 95 bulletin/blog

☆ CODE PREVIEW!!! ☆ (you could preview how it would look like if used in a bulletin or blog here!!) i have been SEARCHING for bulletin layouts and none of them fit my style + there's not rlly much like I've only seen one or two. I'm a new user with zero knowledge of CSS so I searched for tutorials, and bases and messed around !! also, I think the code has like so much unnecessary stuff + its messy...

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— by Silly / Arcade4 Comments

(animated) warning online indicator

a warning window online indicator! if it doesn't work or something let me know!! o:

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— by ˚⋆NಇLLY。⋆1 Comment

bj alex layout (!!! 18+)

( !!! VIEW LAYOUT HERE (temporary, will put when this layout is no longer available for live viewing: hello ♡ this is the first layout of mine that i have shared! i was heavily inspired by a lot of the web-design based layouts i've seen and i thought it would be a creative idea to have one based on one of my favorite webtoons. my coding is not that good plz...

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— by Retro Wonka

Red Windows Classic with spiderman background

Original made by Rebecca Jeane I just made it red and added a cool spiderman background

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— by maeve14 Comments

Windows 7

I saw a few windows layouts, but none for windows 7, so i made one. Lmk if you want me to change anything, feel free to use or whatev

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— by Rebecca Jeane12 Comments

Windows Classic with blue flowers background

I tried to fit the whole profile section in one viewable window, just as an idea. :) Please enjoy. Edit: fixed some elements that I didn't notice before. 2nd edit: changed the images host.

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— by fwookie9 Comments

Windows 2000/ME Theme

This is a edit of the Windows 98 theme by ida , which I edited it to make it more akin to the classic theme found in Windows 2000 and ME. check the original theme out too :))))

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— by asscastle12 Comments

Windows 3

Created for my own profile, but I've been told that it's cool and that I should share the code so here it is! This layout skins your profile to resemble the Windows 3x operating system. It gives all sections of your profile a really cool-looking border, it skins all of the buttons such as those in the navbar and the comments box, and it adds a whole bunch of cool graphical icons to your contacts b...

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— by ⁅sock⁆2 Comments

The Matrix

they made the main base layout, i had edited it to fit the matrix type aesthetic, check out the og!

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— by Angel Is Pretty. Odd.520 Comments

Windows 98

A layout I made inspired by the old web aesthetic! I'm no expert at coding (I'm self taught- I still look up how to center divs), so good luck if you want to change anything in the code lmao. This isn't perfect, by the way. I might change some things in the future. Please a comment when using! I'd love to see y'alls profiles :] (Feel free to add me too! I always accept friend requests ^^) Edit: Th...

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— by ida🦌✨💜183 Comments

Windows 95/98 Layout

bunch o' code that makes your profile look like Windows 95/98, most of the colours and things are editable and there's comments pointing to what all the colours are, so feel free to make an abhorrent rainbow version of the theme if that's what you like :3 feel free to let me know if there's any issues with the layout and i'll try to fix them!!

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— by Cory1504 Comments

Windows XP

It looks like Windows XP. Comes with intro screen and hopefully an autoplaying windows sound! If you use this theme, please feel free to friend me or at the least leave a comment.

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