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— by bozo8 Comments

John Egbert shark gif i stole off of giphy 👍

his hair. turn into shark. im on a phone so i dont know what the hell itll look like one computor. might work. hopefully.

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— by hyasynth 61 Comments

my personal scene layout!!

iincludes a nyan cat iintro screen, autoplay, homestuck cursor + contact iicons + spiinniing homestuck cd, and icp related online & spacehey button!! all of these can be removed and replaced wiith whatever you want. feel free 2 use as a base, ii don't miind!! comment iif you're usiing,, autoplay iis freakin freak by dot dot curve!!

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— by ≪ LIL HAL / DAVEBOT ≫6 Comments

Lil Sebastian dancing on your pfp

silly little robot (comment if using ^_^)

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— by jade ; gardenGnostic45 Comments

— by eridan2 Comments

eridan layout

noww ya can havve the silly seadwweller layout that i havve (includes blinkies and stamps)

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— by DrabBrain

Trickster Love [Homestuck song]

if u have any song requests just comment ^__^ Also comment if using plz : o3 (I have no fucking idea how to add more tags, sorry lol)

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— by gumball14 Comments

homestuck ministrife sprites i found !!

you dont have to comment to use, but it would be appreciated !! ^_^ (i didnt make these btw)

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— by 🌈 DICE.SYS13 Comments

trickster mode kids under url!!!!!

feel free to edit and you dont have to credit 💯💯 i forgot where i found the image from but i didnt draw it so be wary maybe

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— by eridan18 Comments

Eridan Hopping Across Screen

This will allow you to have an Eridan that hops across the top of the screen!

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— by ☘- yaoilicious (9 days)12 Comments

— by gumball11 Comments

really cool homestuck banner/header

literally what the title says,, comment if using

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— by ≪ LIL HAL / DAVEBOT ≫34 Comments

Karkat running across your profile

First layout i've made so yeah (comment if using ^_^!!)

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— by JBTBFDIG1 Comment

homestuck - how do i live (bunny in the box version)

(autoplays) happy 413, everybody - comment if you want to use it, you'll hear a preview of that song when you visit this layout page - i take requests, for now

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— by JacketFluff8 Comments

Jade Harley Profile Charm!!!!!

Adds a silly little dog to ur profile!! ^w^ I appreciate any thanks in the comments X3!!!!!!

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— by roxy10 Comments

— by aubr3y_ars3n1c11 Comments

— by eridan4 Comments

Gamzee's Theme (autoplay music)

Gamzee's theme to play in the back of your profile! (Put it at the very top, as that's what worked for me)

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— by eridan1 Comment

Eridan's Theme (music)

The theme for Eridan! (paste at the very top of the About Me page and see if it works that way)

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— by Bradly uppercrust the 3rd3 Comments

— by amber / casper2 Comments

hiveswap friendsim textboxes

these arent coded very well oops you can see all of them in action here

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