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— by homelessButcher

— by sah12 Comments


For those who want the rainbow effect without the shake!

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— by sah47 Comments

Image shake + hoverrainbow

Hii! I know this is not original, but since I cant find it ANYWHERE and i know people have been looking for something like this, here is the code!

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— by sah4 Comments

Pink and purple hover text <3

Pink and purple whe u hover over text !!!! Comment if u like it !!!

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— by aerin1 Comment

zoom+rotate+blur when hover

i have this on my account so if u wanna c it in action go there :3

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— by Marsinya20 Comments

Hoverbox Gallery (DEMO)

This allows you to add a gallery that displays a bigger image when hovering an icon/thumbnail. Follow the instructions inside the code. Credit is optional. Though I highly appreciated if you add my name (Marsium) somewhere. (〃^▽^〃) You can use this in multiple ways like: Expand images (art, photographs, gifs, ect.) Display list/favorites (characters, music albums, games, shows, and movies) Text on...

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— by BOW / BIVE ✦1 Comment

img shake on hover

i dont remember where i got this but someone asked me to post it

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— by finn1 Comment

unsaturate img on hover

ermm... found this code and not really using it REPLACE IMMG W UR OWWNN!!!

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— by zyozi7 Comments

♥ ⇢ ˗ˏˋ hover heart menu ࿐ྂ

stole this code from this neocities resource site !!! adjusted the colors so it would be easier to edit!!! if you want a better real-time example, i have it on my profile! each side of the heart is labelled in the code to make it easier for you

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— by dakota maetuhn110 Comments

DDLC Sticker Hover Animation

they love u this is my first time making a layout, if you wanna know how I made the keyframe animations, I used the code is a lot, so if you're using my layout along with this one, Instead of pasting this into the about me section, I recommend it pasting to the who I'd like to meet section, or any other section to keep i...

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