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Vinyl Showcase Library - Shows the album and info above hover

Tags: html, code, vinyl, decoration, band, music, hover, album, animation, layout


Change the covers and everything you'd want!

I reccomend the site RATE YOUR MUSIC, to copy the images Adress and paste!!

To change the title color (if wanted), change the #000000 to any other color code you want.

Example of the code in my profile.


Layout Screenshot
click on the image for a larger preview

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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using !!

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The album covers are put under the vinyl collection and I don't know how to fix it :(

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pork (super cool person!)

pork (super cool person!)'s profile picture

can some one help me!! everything is fine but for some reason the text is behind the covers and idk how to get them to be normal :(

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Boreas ^_^

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♱꙳∘˙ ᧒ꪮꪖ᭢ꪖ ˙∘꙳♱

♱꙳∘˙ ᧒ꪮꪖ᭢ꪖ ˙∘꙳♱'s profile picture

How do you add the albumsss???? :c

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go on the rateyourmusic site and go to the album cover you want and copy the image address. replace the "ALBUMCOVERSOURCE" with the album image!

by pork (super cool person!); ; Report


 吸血者's profile picture

I tried it but the pics seems to appear down each other i dont know why please let me know how to fix it ><

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marizza/conner's profile picture

the images aren't showing

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♡ Nana ♡

♡ Nana ♡'s profile picture

It didn't work well its too big and it's glitchy :(

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☆ Mils ☆

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Using !!

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;; ◢[🌵]◤ 𝘒𝘢𝘯𝘦 𝘋𝘶𝘯𝘣𝘢𝘳

;; ◢[🌵]◤ 𝘒𝘢𝘯𝘦 𝘋𝘶𝘯𝘣𝘢𝘳's profile picture

using !

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using !!1! :3

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using thank yhuy9huu!!!!

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Hal/Carlos ★ 🧪🦾💾

Hal/Carlos ★ 🧪🦾💾  's profile picture

using :)

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xHawth0rn3_g1rlx's profile picture

I think someone else was having this problem but the pic of the album covers are appearing below where they should be. I have tried deleting some of the other slots, and moving the code to a different box where there is no text in. I'm new to this kinda coding stuff but i really love this feature and want it to work.

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it's happing to me too

by marizza/conner; ; Report

It happens to me too but i see people that works with them i hope someone will let me know the issues ><

by 吸血者; ; Report


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using! thanks xoxo💋

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