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— by R0gU3_K3y54 Comments


This is a design I ported over from my Neocities page. I really hope you enjoy it! PS: You can also take the code and use it across the entire website if you have a browser plugin that supports custom CSS.

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— by entangled1 Comment

Vintage tv

if you're gonna use this one, please leave a link to my profile as credit, that's all i ask

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— by Crash Test Dummy1 Comment

— by p0libius84 Comments

Matrix - retro computer with green CRT

If you liked my theme, you can add me or leave a comment below... Sorry if redundant or useless code bothers you, there's probably a lot of it in here.

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— by Austin3 Comments

Cyber Punky Stuff

Cyber punky, lit techno 80's vibe. Synth paradise lmk if yall like it

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