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— by Elena Fevertree

Guitar crazed

For guitar lovers, feel free to add and comment me

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— by no._one7 Comments

Red Electric Guitar cursor

little red electric guitar 20x20 pixels (if anyone want an specific cursor just type it on the comments and i try to do it)

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— by LOVGLAS12 Comments

Noodle PNG Bottom Right

Gorillaz | Position can be altered by changing right to left or bottom to top

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— by blanquita

— by ☥☥juno☥☥7 Comments

— by Samuel

— by Jocelyn

1989 Taylor swift guitar

1989 Taylor Swift guitar blue cursor

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— by Liliwyn1 Comment

Miyavi Fan

A simple Miyavi layout with: 🟣Loading intro screen 🟣Background gif 🟣Top banner 🟣Circular profile pic 🟣Scroll bar 🟣Guitar pick cursor 🟣"Online Now" flashing icon 🟣Transparent modules -Change any of the colors by inputting hex codes, and of course you can further customize.

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— by

marceline layout (singular)

marceline layout for those who have no one to match with matching version :

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— by zombieboycoal67 Comments

red guitar cursor

no need for credit or letting me know ur using!

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— by Mars29 Comments

K-On Layout!!

I made a layout for one of my favorite animes! Feel free to add/change anything. Please credit me and comment if you're using. Have fun! Let me know if there are any issues or you need help. *fixed the gif at the bottom*

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— by Groonklie6 Comments

Danganronpa 2 Music Player

Music Player themed after Danganronpa and meant to go with this theme. You can still use it separately with your own theme, though. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Get your video, and copy the string of text after 'watch?v='. Ctl+f find "ENTER_YOUR_VIDEO_CODE_HERE" in the video player code below. Replace the text with your code from the video and the player should work! For some reason, though, Autoplay and...

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— by tilapia191 Comments

simple red n white guitar theme 🎸⭐

hey hey hey! New layout wow! No live previews for now, please don't use as base w/out credit, comment when using and don't republish an edited version of this! The layout will look like this from your pov:

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— by HACKSAW3 Comments


[SIMPLE] GUITAR OLD SCHOOL ... DISCLAIMER: Thumbnail is blurry, not the effect

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— by θΔ ꜰᴏxʟᴏʀᴇ ⨂ 11 Comments

red grunge layout

your profile name changes colours, if you hover over friends pfp's they shake and blur a bit et.!

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— by Razzle

Guitar Child

This is my first layout but i think you will like it has its own Spotify playlist...if you use. please comment or add me. the playlist:  

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— by aech2 Comments

lately i feel EVERYTHING

extremely minimal lifE inspired profile layout. disabled interests & friends & nav bar. can be re-enabled if wanted, code is fairly organized

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK3 Comments



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