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— by ally

resident evil / bela dimitrescu

bela dimitrescu layout! consists of blood splatter, floating profile, an intro and a lil gif of her in the about me. if u like this Friend me :D

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— by Sully / Aritzel5 Comments

Leon heart gif

It’s transparent so don’t worry about the pink background

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— by elias1 Comment


why not give leon his pookster f2u blah blah blah comment if u want idc

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— by elias2 Comments


before i have to ruthlessly fight the "this isnt ur code!!!!!!!" allegations it actually is lul. the og uploader was me but i deleted my acc due to stress changed the image url since i'm pretty sure discord is going to prevent image hosting soon. comment if using (or not since this is f2u)

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— by Hoonyx22 Comments

Leon Kennedy RE2 GIF

Leon gif in the left corner of your profile, comment "using" if used ⸜( ˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

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— by 3 Comments

— by 30 Comments

a mini leon duckennedy at the bottom left of ur screen

change the size of the image to ur preference, idm. comment if ur using, no credits needed! comment if there's any problems

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— by ✭ Fren-z ✭68 Comments

Resident Evil 4 layout!

Has animations and autoplaying music.

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— by -.Pretty Boy.-12 Comments

Safe Heaven(Resident Evil Save Theme//Remake) - Resident Evil

Safe Heaven from Resident Evil! You can suggest a song in my blog, "Song Layouts"!

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— by alucard ✮106 Comments

Resident Evil Umbrella Corp Layout

hi everyone! this is a resident evil layout i created for all you horror video game fans!   this theme includes custom: - cursor - background - headers & footers - fonts - contact icons - friend icon shadow - colors - borders - online gif   also included: - spinning resident evil case gif - userboxes - hidden profile link - centered blurbs & friends space - bouncing page - computer screen ...

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