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— by Nadia

Pink Pawz~

Cutesy pink theme with some paws in the back! w/ bat cursor!

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— by suni4 Comments


a very simple + cute layout for all my fellow cat enthusiasts out there. it might be a little finicky depending on the length of your display name, but that's all adjustable (i'm still learning). this layout hides your url and links. if you like it, let me know and comment below! ♥ ♥

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— by ash lynx3 Comments

pink kawaii profile

PLEASE READ FIRST : i was super inspired by the layouts that Cory  posted today so i used some of the codes he shared to create the kawaii profile! (i'll post pictures of it later when i get home.)  feel free to use it or any of my other ones but it'd be really cool if you could leave a comment or consider adding me so i can see it! also you're more than welcome to change whatever! (reach out if y...

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