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— by :: trixie toxxic ::32 Comments

Cool Purple Layout!!!!

haii!!!! heres a new layout, dis tiem itz very purpley with sum teal too!!!!!!! umm CREDIT IS VERY APPRECIATED!!!! do not use as a template/base. THX!!!!!!!

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— by Amber Whitfield2 Comments

Sailor Moonie Layout

For the sailor moon fans to enjoy.

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— by Leena6 Comments

Neon Swirl

I did this layout as a commission. The person wanted a nurave neon theme so for this layout, I changed things up a bit. I don't usually do giffy layouts, but I love how this one turned out. The giant spiral background spins in a counterclockwise motion and the contact box image quickly flashes images of things you might find at a rave. The borders are reminiscent of glow sticks, the text emits a n...

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— by :: trixie toxxic ::42 Comments


hullo!!!!! i finally made a new layout!!!! :D a rainbow 1!!!! i hope u liek it :] dont use as a template. credit iz super appreciateddd!!!!!!!!

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— by BEEFSTEW14 Comments

Purple Stars Layout

Purple stars layout made by me. The background is a gif. Anyone can feel free to use! All I ask is that you don't repost this layout as your own. Thank you and enjoy :)

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— by :: trixie toxxic ::15 Comments

Rainbow Scene Layout

POSSIBLE EYESTRAIN WARNING!!! PLZ B CAREFUL haiii i made another layout :33 i wanted 2 make a rainbow one so here ya go

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— by Jade4 Comments

2000's scene emo layout (epilepsy warning)

first layout, posing it here for it to get archived, use it change it, do whatever you want, credit is appreciated (but not needed)

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— by Michalina24 Comments

Froggy layout

okay, so im not sure if i can call this a froggy layout, but it has a frog cursor and a froggy gif on the search bar You can customize this theme however you want, i added some comments in the code so it's easy to tell apart all the elements. If something appears weird to you or you don't know how to change some elements of the layout just ask me in the comments, I'm willing to help ;) I'd appreci...

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— by :: trixie toxxic ::20 Comments

Pink Emo/Scene Sparkles!!!

mah first layout shared :] plz dont use this as a base and credit is VERY VERY VERY appreciated!!!!!!

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— by Rebecca Jeane

Magenta Glitter Layout

Something new I've had in mind for a few months but only last night brought to fruition. Comes with a cute animated heart cursor. Please enjoy!

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— by sybilz layouts122 Comments

red web/glitchcore layout

  ☆ red dark digital/glitchcore layout + evangelion themes ☆ ★ please comment or give credit + add me if using! ty :) ★ feel free to change/add/remove anything as you like!! ★ please do not use as a base if you will be uploading the layout  ( _ _ ) ★  leave any questions, comments, requests, or concerns below  (⌒_⌒;)  ★

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— by KJ1 Comment

Simple my melody layout

does contain music/header/custom curser if you want to change anything I can dm you the altered code layout example/ showcase --->

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— by KJ

blue and yellow themed Ocean / key west layout

Its a pretty simple one, I'm really proud of this one  Does include music and custom curser Link to preview/layout ---

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— by stairs

Bsd Ranpo & Poe Layout! <3

A layout themed around Ranpo & Poe from Bsd! I don't mind if you credit or not. I made this for fun.

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— by BEEFSTEW1 Comment

Shadow the Hedgehog Layout

This is a Shadow the Hedgehog inspired layout. It also includes a custom Shadow cursor not shown in the image.  Anyone can feel free to use for their profile. However, please do not repost this layout as your own or remove the credit. Thank you. 

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— by Max !!1 Comment

Hyperdontia/Novocaine inspired layout!!

A hyperdontia/novocaine inspired layout I made! Please note that it's kinda rushed, sorry about that- Links: Hyperdontia by GHOST and Creep-P: Novocaine by GHOST and Creep-P: Feel free to change anything, and please credit me!

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— by clemerit3 Comments

clem blue layout

This is the first layout I made that I've posted, I hope u like it  (Ɔ˘з˘)(ꈍヮꈍ)˘ε˘ C) Lemme know if ur gonna use it! (。>‿‿

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— by june's layout tester :D6 Comments

simple blue star layout

This is my first layout, so feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments! It is very much appreciated! You do not have to leave credit, but please do not claim this layout as yours! Unfortunately, I was not able to get the full layout in the screenshot, but the footer is a lighter shade of navy blue with white text! The blue star background is a gif, not just a still picture. Also, fe...

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