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— by tilapia142 Comments

Simple ass light green and pink layout

I haven't published anything here for a long time. Comin back with a simple ass layout. Comment when using; even when you're stealing a part of it If there's some problems you figure it out yourself :) but if you really can't, feel free to IM me CREDIT ME IF YOU'RE GONNA HEAVILY EDIT THIS AND DON'T REPUBLISH AN EDITED VERSION OF THIS

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— by *•.¸♡вєℓℓα6 Comments

welcome to my garden blinkie

a blinkie that says "welcome to my garden"

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— by layla ☆47 Comments

cool melon dessert

idk what to think about this one tbh, but this is to match the strawberry menu ! features custom cursor scrollable comments custom online icon ..and thats pretty much it LMAO plz comment if you use !!

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