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— by ☆ 🩸 𖥻 EDWARD ރ ꜝ ᥫ᭡23 Comments

silly layout

credits to creators!!1

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— by KoSbeku19 Comments

MINECRAFT MENU!?!!? (real???)

Change things as you please. It's very messy and broken. Comment if you use. I just want to see

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— by zyozi7 Comments

♥ ⇢ ˗ˏˋ hover heart menu ࿐ྂ

stole this code from this neocities resource site !!! adjusted the colors so it would be easier to edit!!! if you want a better real-time example, i have it on my profile! each side of the heart is labelled in the code to make it easier for you

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— by pupupowa40 Comments

Order Here~

Parfaits, cakes, cookies, donuts, all you could ever want! >:) plsss do not repost my code without any changes/ or mixing with someone else's code ^^; if you'd like to remove the grain filer or the floaty bits, i labeled them and theyre near the bottom of the code!! i hope you like it ♡ i think my coding is getting better c:

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— by layla ☆45 Comments

cool melon dessert

idk what to think about this one tbh, but this is to match the strawberry menu ! features custom cursor scrollable comments custom online icon ..and thats pretty much it LMAO plz comment if you use !!

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