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triippy lay0ut

psychad3liic-th3m3d aniimat3d lay0ut. pls giiv3 cr3diit iif us3d.:>

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— by RiviR5 Comments

Pixel Cottagecore

a simple yet relaxing cottagecore themed layout featuring pixel art. Green is a main color within this layout with white, blue, and rose colored accents. This layout is designed to be easy to read and simplistic while still attaining a unique sense of liveliness through the use of gifs. If you like relaxing cottage vibes then this is the layout for you! Check out this profile for a sample of what ...

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— by ash lynx12 Comments

pink & purple pokemon

PLEASE READ FIRST : hello! this was a request i got and had a ton of fun putting together another pokemon profile! to see it in action click here !  f eel free to use it or any of my other ones but it'd be really cool if you could leave a comment or consider adding me so i can see it! also you're more than welcome to change whatever! (reach out if you need any help!) ^-^ i used some codes the wond...

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