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— by killian34 Comments

green cybercore/webcore

uh credit to Angel Is Pretty. Odd i used their windows 98 layout as a base i really just made some simple modifications but i thought other people might like what i did update: had to change to background image url because imgur stopped working, if your background disappeared please re-paste the new updated layout code

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— by digital-nightmare.vbs7 Comments

Glitched Retro Box

Welcome and thank you for checking out my first layout! Glitched Retro Box is a layout that will capture the hearts of any users who feel nostalgic for yet disillusioned about old internet culture and aesthetics. It's a cynical throwback to the simplicity that would later lead us to the overwhelming complexity of today's technology. I used a few elements from the following layouts to achieve the l...

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— by 6 Comments

[REQUESTED] red webcore layout

this was a request, :P hope you enjoy !!

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— by coolkidcody

— by acer14 Comments

blue cybercore aesthetic

just a simple cybercore layout i coded a while ago and just found on an old account, so i thought i'd share it here! if there's any issues let me know! (edit: i added tv static lines gif to the background cuz someone who liked my layout wanted to know how to do tv static on their own layout, but the glitch effect was just the background image with the profile opacity turned down. if you don't want...

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— by layla โ˜†412 Comments

webcore/cybercore (?) idk

got bored @_@ inspired by the 2000s pink animecore webcore layout that we all know and love

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— by i0262 Comments

Custom SpaceHey layout commissions. (CLOSED)

Where to pay? Here: Keep in mind, if you want me to edit something after 24 hours, you will be charged $6. My time is valuable to me. I included almost everything but if you want me to add something more, I will do it. Just let me know. Keep in mind that SpaceHey does not allow certain coding things. - Profile intro or lines. - Custom floating profi...

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— by JULIA ๐Ÿพ82 Comments

purple computer/cybercore layout

hi there!! heres my second layout ;D thanks to my friends recommending this under my bullentins! pls comment if you use!

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— by Ibuprofen Barbie31 Comments

Pink cybercore layout

Credit to Rowan for the code !! I just changed the color and the 'online' gif for the ppl who want it pink :))

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— by rโœฆwan233 Comments

purple cybercore layout ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ป

! pfp filter works best with darker pfps ! sorry the code is so messy credit is not needed, but appreciated! ^__^

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