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— by ⛧ᴄʜɘʀʀʏʙᴏᴍʙ🧪⚠

Beige themed layout I made for my friend

Simple and mostly beige. I made this for my friend (, but feel free to use for yourself and edit to your liking. I'm sorry if the code is a little weird, I'm still figuring things out lmao. No need for credit or commenting, this was very lazily made. The online and cursor icons aren't mine btw, neither are the images used for the backgrounds.

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— by 𝖛𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖊19 Comments

pink,beige and white layout cute🌸

hey loves🌸, this can go in (ABOUT ME) (🤍ADD ME🩷) lmk if u have any troubles with it and please do try out my other layouts lol and pls enjoy and TYSM!! kiss and byee for noww also dont be shy and give me sum suggestions too :) also (THE CLEAR CD DISK IS NOT WITH IT AND THE SAKURA FLOWER PROFILE IS NOT WITH IT TOO BTW)!!! THXS

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— by BOW / BIVE ✦1 Comment


a silly cat layout for animalcrackerX3 ! ! ! including a heart-shaped icon, custom online status, shaky images, comment scrollboxes, a custom notification image, and more !

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— by Sunsong2 Comments

Hooty TOH layout

My second layout! :) I got music working, 3008 theme (its a bop) Theres a hooty cursor also! theres a hooty blinky i made (it shows up automatically) theres a hooty backround ofc its mainly brown Instructions on how to change music: go to the bottom of the code and look for the iframe thing, and when you find it, look at the youtube link next to it, and after the embed/ is a bunch of numbers, well...

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— by P3ngv1n.ALT12 Comments

Simplistic Beige Layout

So erm a simplistic beige layout as it says!! do whatever you want with it but im too lazy to put directions cause but im sure you can figure it out love you all!! also follow my main if you can, its just "P3ngv1n"

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— by ryan ☆ (miw BRAINROT)5 Comments

brand new eyes - paramore layout

brand new eyes inspired (loosely)!! im probably gonna change my layout and i like this one so i figured i'd share!! it is customized to my profile settings but you can change it if u'd like !

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— by sKAi7 Comments



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— by saerim's layouts!!23 Comments

toro inoue!!

brown layout featuring toro inoue from sony ent.! paste code into about me section credit appreciated but not required :D optional music: metamodernity - vansire

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— by Steph1 Comment

Soft Brown/Beige Aesthetic

Soft brown and beige tones a esthetic with smiling slice of bread cursor. I hope anyone who wants to use this enjoys it! Feel free to change anything you want I would love to see what you make out of this! Comment, link this page, or add me! 

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Hetalia : Canada

Edited layout base to have a gif of APH Canada at the top with a orange + brown background, comment if you used this :3

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