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— by BOWIE SIXX !!18 Comments

Ocean lover & shark blinkies

Ocean & shark blinkies I made for Adrian !! Lmk if they dont work :3 Requests r open !!

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— by Boniscool26 Comments

Ocean Blue Layout!!! (Gifs on my profile are NOT in the code)

tell me if you have theres any problems......hope you like this this took me a long time.....Works on moblie!!!...... can you pls comment if using!!

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— by væmp

Oceancore layout

remake of the water one i did a while back :)

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— by marciorcmf1 Comment

ocean layout (shells, sharks, ocean)

hey this is one of my firsts layouts and im a noob in css :P i hope this is fine and maybe i will update this when i improve my programming skills lol...

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— by SceneKel (Autoplay)1 Comment

can opener's notebook: fish whisperer layout

so cool!! comment if using :D Includes auto-playing beach audio, if you want to remove it select from the "iframe width" thing to the end of the code!! Listen to can opener's notebook: fish whisperer by vylet pony

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— by Strawberry Jammy7 Comments

Black pearl cookie layout!

WARNING!!!!!!: Several parts of this code are separated in boxes! So I will provide those separately!

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— by જ⁀➴ tobias/frankie -`♡´-4 Comments

blue ocean layout

this doesnt rlly have anything special except a scrollbox on the comments + friends spaces and the pfp blurs when u hover over it comment if ur gonna use!!

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— by જ⁀➴ tobias/frankie -`♡´-18 Comments

shark/blue ocean layout!! 🦈

sharks r the best animal pls credit me if u use! includes custom online icon

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— by ✨ Ava :3 ✨1 Comment

Ocean Layout

Comes With autoplay!!! Comment If using

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— by Amelia >_< (#1 iZombie fan)53 Comments

Jellyfish Cursor :3

A cursor of a jellyfish! Please comment "Using" if you use the cursor!

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— by ✨ Ava :3 ✨6 Comments

Little Fish Cursor :3

A cute little fish cursor No Credit Needed, pls comment if using!! Requests open

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— by 13 Comments

deep sea / jellyfish

deep sea / jellyfish themed layout

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— by kiwie!!8 Comments

shark / blahaj themed layout!!

((MUSIC INCLUDED!!)) hai guys this is my first time posting a layout and im pretty much a beginner but id say this layout looks decent so here ya go!!! if ur gunna use id love if u shared a comment!! (∩^o^)⊃━☆ (to add custom music, find a youtube video of your choice, and take [this part] of the url, and paste it next to /embed/[your code here]//? that is all thank...

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— by 37 Comments

shark layout

contains: cursor, floating profile, etc.‎ ‎if you use this PLEASE comment! credit is appreciated too

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— by # :: RAY8 Comments


messy code ummm sorry T_T please comment when u use and also please credit me somehow :P

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— by nadia8 Comments

Scizzie - Aquatic Ambience

original youtube link -> enjoy! (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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— by it's mo2 Comments


subtle(ish) doc ock inspired layout!!! includes cursor & "online now!" thingy drawn by yours truly, also autoplays paranoid android by radiohead. of course it's radiohead. (if you don't like autoplay, just delete the section at the top of the code in the iframe tags!) pls comment if you sue it! i had this kicking around in the back of my notes for a while & its also my first layout im Releasing to...

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— by Mars31 Comments

Pink and White Dolphin Layout!

First Layout! Comment if you're using! Feel free to change whatever you need to, just credit me. Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks!

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— by Finley5 Comments

Dolphin Online Now Indicator

A Little Dolphin That Hops In And Out Of Water!

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— by Vladimir9 Comments

Cave of The Kuraselache

my first layout, so it may be a bit janky... but it seems to function on mobile, which is good! the coelacanth becomes hidden off to the side on mobile... let me know if you have suggestions to fix that! ashamed to say i broke some accessibility guidelines with the colors on this one... may go back and change the contrast in the future please feel free to edit and/or use on other sites. credit is ...

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