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Interlaced Video Player

Replace "your_progressive_video.mp4" with the path to your progressive video file. Note that this is a basic example, and you may need to fine-tune the interlace simulation based on your specific requirements. Remember to consider the visual quality and potential performance impact when implementing such effects. Made via ChatGPT Credit:

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— by Gogo

video player (does not have automatic player)

To put your video or song you have to place the code of the video or song in question where it says INSERT EXAMPLE

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— by 𝚌𝚊𝚙𝚙 ⋆2 Comments

ʚ spooky lo-fi background music player ɞ

the video itself is over an hour long :) original youtube video link:

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— by Moonie 2 Comments

Video Player Layout

This layout is inspired by 2006-2009 YouTube! You can update your new profile banner, add a featured video from your YouTube channel and more! This layout was created by studying other layouts, as I am new to coding and this was a way to learn! You'll see some of my own code in here, as well as code I wrote inspired by the following people: - For the Transpare...

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— by annika apocalypse1 Comment

taking back sunday live footage player

youtube player in about me of taking back sunday early live footage, with autoplay! comment more songs i should do! recommended by presley :)

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