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— by Neo Moment

2014 VGC Finals

A memory from the Pokemon 2014 VCG Finals which incudes the Pokemon Garchomp and Tyranitar clashing, and Salamence using Draco Meteor on Pachirisu, who is using Metronome.

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— by dia1 Comment

☆ lillie's theme - pokemon sun and moon [autoplay] ☆

im gonna upload some other pokemon songs too - feel free to leave any requests!

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— by xXSJDoodlesXx1 Comment

Snom Layout

So this is my first attempt of a layout, and i did it based on my comfort pokemon, snom. I wanna be clear that I have no clue if it genuinely works or not, it seems to whilst testing, but if not, please let me know, obviously you can change things if you dont like what's on it, but please credit me/let me know if used. yes it is a jumbled mess, im sorry lmao

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— by

yamper pokemon layout

contains: cursor, floating profile, etc.‎ ‎if you use this PLEASE comment! credit is appreciated too

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— by Pants 👖1 Comment

Abra Cursor

Abra from pokemon :)

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— by Jody Marie ♡6 Comments

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky Layout ⚡ [Requested]

Hello Everyone! I hope you like this layout I created! This layout comes with the theme song from the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky! Please let me know in the comments if you decide to use this layout! If you'd like to be super nice & credit me somewhere on your page, that would be much appreciated as well! Additionally, feel free to add me! I always love gaining new friends!

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— by PokeeeeeAde

— by Red2 Comments

Custom Pokeball Cursor

I made this custom cursor not long after joining the site. I decided I should share the code for anyone else who might want it on their page. The pokeball will wiggle when you hover over a link. May not work on all browsers, code was not exhaustively tested. Credit on your page is appreciated, but not required, if you use.

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— by Nat11 Comments


hhhhhhello i made a thing, it comes with a rd that flies across screen, raining stars nd a pikachu tail cursor. its the layout im currently using so if you wanna see it in full just check my acc. feel free to customise it as you like [doesnt come w the edited boxes but if you want them just dm me]

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— by JULIANNA 💘9 Comments

simple gengar layout

please comment or friend me if using ! - comes with gengar cursor - has a gengar gif banner

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— by Edward <?>12 Comments

Pink Pokemon layout

this layout has lillies theme from sun andmoon playing (piano version) it also has a opening gif of a cute pink eevee gif pls comment if u use this an dont 4get to credit me

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— by 6 Comments

simple pokemon Pikachu layout

simple yellow and blue pikachu layout it has an animated pikachu online sign idk if i spelled his name right cuz im german

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— by x.{finn}.x1 Comment

pikachu layout

my next abomination ive created!! i just say that bc the pictures are low quality and i couldnt find crisp 4k definition background photos. test here .

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— by Miscellanity

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl(Christmas Style)

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl inspired layout. Feel free to get rid of the Christmas part of the coding. I was lazy so yeah. Also at the end there's a piece of coding that's spaced out from the main code. put it in the hero section of your page. **** If you use it please credit me.****

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— by Boogley13 Comments

Pokémon Layout

Here's a fun Pokémon layout that also is a gif background c: ➤Custom  Poké ball cursor ➤S et up so you can customize your interest topics ➤"About me" and "Who I want to meet" hidden ➤Blogs, URL, and "XXX is your friend" section hidden Please comment and/or add me if you use this c: Also let me know of any other theme ideas. I'm looking to make more layouts!

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— by Caleb

— by Kyubyte1 Comment

Eevee (Original by LunaGloomyCore)

A eevee themed layout with a a working eevee cursor! i am too lazy to learn ccs so i edit layouts

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— by Kyubyte40 Comments

Espeon cursor (100% TESTED!)

a cute lil espeon that follows your mouse!

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— by TonyTheTiger🐯4 Comments


Hey! So I made this one right after my hello kitty one! It's a little simple, but I wanted to play around with the snowflakes code. And i tried to emulate a Pokémon card border, with the thick golden yellow border, (i used the exact shade!). (also, yes, Arcanine IS my favorite Pokémon). Like always, you can use or mod this layout to make it your own, but please add me! I'd love to see it live on y...

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— by ash lynx20 Comments

pink & purple pokemon

PLEASE READ FIRST : hello! this was a request i got and had a ton of fun putting together another pokemon profile! to see it in action click here !  f eel free to use it or any of my other ones but it'd be really cool if you could leave a comment or consider adding me so i can see it! also you're more than welcome to change whatever! (reach out if you need any help!) ^-^ i used some codes the wond...

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