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— by Kippie

acidjazzed evening + christmas acidjazz autoplay

literally what the title says. acidjazzed evening by janne suni/tempest, christmas acidjazz by (i think) @Mar0Canario on youtube

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— by xXPixieDaNekoXx5 Comments

Rick Roll Page Intro [+ song autoplay]

Want to RickRoll your poor friends and random people that accidentaly stumbled upon your profile? Now you can. Remove the second code for only intro, or 1 for only song. Sorry for layout spam, im having way too much fun doing these lol Works in profile and blog, no credit needed. (only give if u want) Preview: tell me if not working so i can see what can i do, mak...

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— by Ravi10 Comments

Gangsta spongebob

a silly project that is more ironic than anything. a layout based on that one gangsta spongebob image complete with green glitter, falling dollar signs, and even a silly little gif on the profile section. (warning: there is..... lots of glitter.) this is my first time coding by myself so this probably isnt very good. regardless i hope you enjoy it regardless of whether you use it or not. (critique...

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