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— by P0MP0MZ3 Comments

Weird/dreamcore playlist looped.

Contains: Fallen Down Mice on Venus Hey Kids (Slowed) YKWIM? Your Love Is My Drug Devil Town (Sped-up) I'd Rather Sleep (Slowed) The Apartment Smiles For Me (OST) School Rooftop (Slowed) Nice Boys I dunno I dunno Kitty City No Wind Resistance (Sped-up) Still Life Homage (Slowed) Warm Nights Six Forty Seven Comfort Chain Oh Klahoma Leni Zombie Song (Edit, no lyrics) Music can be previewed in: https...

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— by ago⛧

my current layout

used  ⋉sock⋊ ⋈thot#420⋈  layout as template and changed some things 

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— by ⁅sock⁆21 Comments

traumacore, hospital

a hospital/meat themed traumacore/weirdcore layout, EDIT: got rid of the big base64 image background

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— by ⁅sock⁆1 Comment

weirdcore shrooms

a weirdcore mushroom themed layout, 

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— by ⁅sock⁆19 Comments

weirdcore eyes

an eye themed weirdcore/dreamcore layout!  i cant upload screen caps rn though

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— by Kimbo Dawn


Anyone can use. Not my art  ✌️🤟

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